MTV: Living in a Virtual World

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MTV: Living in a Virtual World

If watching reality TV and playing "reality" video games like all of the permutations of The Sims wasn't enough, MTV plans to launch its new show, Virtual Laguna Beach, on Wednesday.

Not just any old MTV-type show, according to reports (like those in today's New York Times), Virtual Laguna Beach lets you not just watch TV, but live TV.

(Not sure if I really want to ...)

The introduction of Virtual Laguna Beach is apparently the first of three virtual worlds  that MTV plans over the next year as part of an effort to gain back mindshare from such popular Web sites as MySpace and YouTube.

To join in the fun, visit and download a piece of software to get started. The first step is designing your avatar — which can look like you or anybody (or thing) you want to be.

(Think many Runescape players will go over to the light side ...?)

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