Empire Cinema Deploys VoIP - Movie Ticket Prices go Down?

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Empire Cinema Deploys VoIP - Movie Ticket Prices go Down?


Computing UK has an interesting article about Empire Cinemas using VoIP in their movie cinema chains. What better things in life are there than VoIP and movie theater popcorn? Not many... But maybe I'm biased...

Empire Cinemas is using the Voicenet Solutions platform using Cisco hardware, to VoIP-enable the main office and 17 nationwide branches. Importantly, Empire hopes to use the software to generate “substantial cost reductions”.

In fact, the article states, “The financial benefits speak for themselves and were certainly a factor that could not be ignored,” said Empire Cinemas’ head of IT Julian Timm. Julian adds, “We envisage we will save almost £100,000 over the first 12 months which includes substantial line rental, maintenance and call cost reductions."

Fantastic! So with these great cost reductions due to VoIP, will the price of my $10.50 movie ticket & my $6 bucket of popcorn go down? Hello? Anyone?

Well, it's a darn good thing for you that my homemade popcorn isn't nearly as good as your movie theater popcorn or I'd stay home and watch movies on PPV or Netflix DVDs instead.

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