JAJAH Apple iPhone and iPod Touch App Launches

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JAJAH Apple iPhone and iPod Touch App Launches

JAJAH 'Apple iPhone logoJAJAH on 'Apple iPhoneJAJAH on 'Apple iPod touchTomorrow, JAJAH will launch their new JAJAH iPhone app, which comes with the 'look and feel' of the iPhone's dial pad and address book and also works on the iPod Touch. JAJAH as you know allows users to make low-cost global calling. All you have to do is point your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch's mobile Safari browser to http://iphone.jajah.com and type in the number you want to call.

You can also select the name in your JAJAH contacts and click on the number you want to call. JAJAH will call your phone, you pick up, and you will be connected to the desired international number. Of course, if you're using an iPod touch, you'll have to specify a PSTN number to reach you, since the iPod touch cannot receive PSTN/landline calls. Not yet anyway. But there is a hack that adds a microphone to the iPod touch I wrote about earlier today which gives you VoIP access on the iPod touch.

Now if only the JAJAH app could do VoIP in Flash like flashphone, the Russian VoIP application I discovered last month, then you could do 100% VoIP on the iPhone and iPod touch! Also, Truphone deserves props as the first 100% VoIP app for the Apple iPhone.

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