Rich's 2006 VoIP Predictions

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Rich's 2006 VoIP Predictions

Yesterday, Rich, Greg Galitzine and I discussed some of our prognostications for the industry, which Rich planned on publishing in the January 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. Now it appears Rich posted a sneak peek of his 2006 VoIP predictions in his VoIP blog you should go check out.

I too have been thinking about my own VoIP predictions for 2006. Last year I made my 2005 VoIP Predictions and I hoped to have some time before the New Year to critique my 2005 predictions and also make my 2006 predictions. I still hope to do so, but I've been extremely busy of late and I'm working on a really interesting SMB VoIP product that is coming to market soon. So I can't guarantee I'll have time to do my 2006 VoIP predictions, but I'll do my best. Oh lest I forget, I just want to thank all my blog readers for their support, their comments, and visiting my site on a regular basis -- and I'd like to wish you all a very...

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!

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