SimpleSignal Brings Call Control Toolbar to Hosted VoIP

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SimpleSignal Brings Call Control Toolbar to Hosted VoIP

simplesignal-logo.jpgHosted VoIP is making great strides, but there is often one problem - with hosted VoIP you don't get desktop call control. Well, today SimpleSignal introduced its Call Control Toolbar, which adds advanced business VoIP calling features while leveraging their hosted environment. Personally, I am very computer-centric and hate managing my phone calls using the phone. Why use an antiquated TUI (telephone user interface) to setup a conference when you can use a GUI and drag-and-drop conference participants? So I've enjoyed the use of several desktop call control applications over the years, including Comdial's CTI app, Artisoft TeleVantage (R.I.P),  Fonality's HUD client, and more. I've also used Vonage's (hosted residential service) Vonage Pro, a feature-rich desktop call control app.

simplesignal-call-control-toolbar .jpgIn any event, the Call Control Toolbar (image right) is an Adobe Air-based application that floats anywhere on a user's desktop for instant access to a range of calling feature controls. The Call Control Toolbar does not require users to launch a web browser.

"One of the biggest challenges we discovered in our customer research was that our Hosted PBX customers were not using incredibly efficient calling features like simultaneous ring, remote office and voice messaging, or even more basic functions such as speed dial," said Dave Gilbert, founder and president of SimpleSignal, "either because they didn't know how or didn't want to be bothered with logging into a web portal to set up or change their IP phone settings.

"The SimpleSignal Call Control Toolbar eliminates these hassles for users," Gilbert continued. "The controls are user-friendly and always available in the background on a user's desktop, so it's easy to make quick, on-the-fly changes to IP phone settings. "

The SimpleSignal Call Control Toolbar also features call notification screen pops. When a user receives an incoming call, a small window pops up at the bottom of the user's computer screen with complete caller ID information. Users can also answer the call directly from the screen pop.

The Call Control Toolbar is provided free of charge for SimpleSignal's Hosted PBX customers.

Features that can be managed by the toolbar include:
  • Simultaneous Ring for up to six numbers
  • Remote Office, which displays your office number on caller ID regardless of which phone is being used
  • Outbound Dialing by entering the phone number or copying and pasting into Toolbar window
  • Speed Dial for six numbers
  • Sequential Ring for up to six numbers
  • Voice Messaging Control (, including email notifications and transfer upon dialing "0"
  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Forwarding Busy
  • Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Do Not Disturb

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This can be petty useful for managing international calling and operate the list of recent calls. This can be your virtual call assistant. Grab it as soon as possible.

This is a very important and cool feature. The FreedomIQ system has click to dial for your Outlook email system and customers love it. It is amazing to see how much hosted VoIP is progressing. You can learn more about click to dial for IQ at

This is an excellent tool. It looks like it is similar to click to dial for Outlook, which is a major hit with busy professionals.

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