Free Wi-Fi on the Nokia N800

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Free Wi-Fi on the Nokia N800

Nokia n800
Yet another reason to bet the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet - free Wi-Fi? An agreement between Nokia and Earthlink will allow Nokia N800 customers to access EarthLink's municipal Wi-Fi networks free of charge.

Earthlink today announced that Nokia N800 customers will be able to securely connect to EarthLink's Wi-Fi network directly from the device. To get started users click on the EarthLink Wi-Fi logo in the connections menu or through the Tableteer portal on the Nokia N800, and upon signing up for an account, customers have immediate access to wireless broadband service with download speeds of up to three Mbps and upload speeds up to one Mbps. Earthlink has major Wi-Fi initiatives underway in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Milpitas and Anaheim, CA and Corpus Christi, TX.

The Nokia N800 is a pretty cool device which Andy sent me awhile back. He also sent Rich one to try and both Rich and I tinkered with it for a bit together. We both liked the high-resolution screen and the near-desktop browsing experience due to it's built-in Opera 8 browser which can even play Flash. I wonder if it can play Youtube videos? I would assume it can.

I've been meaning to do a more detailed test of it. Just as an overview, the Wi-Fi enabled Nokia N800 Internet Tablet gives users access to Web browsing on a high-resolution screen, instant messaging, email, Internet calling with video, podcasts, RSS feeds, Internet videos, blogging, streaming music and much more, while being small enough to fit into your pocket.

Update: Hmm, Gigaom covered this fact back in late March. I believe the plan was announced in late March and today they are announcing it's available.

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