Ho Hum, iOS7 is Here

Carl Ford : 4G: For Generations to Come
Carl Ford

Ho Hum, iOS7 is Here

The problem with Software as a Cult is when the cult leader passes, the clothes of the emperor don't fit the other team members well.

It's not that Steve was everything to the company.  It was that he had a loyal following.

Nothing in what Apple is doing is bad right now.  And in fact they are doing a great continuance while updating the style and giving people more freedom.

However,  the wow of wireless computing is now past the hype stage and those who lived for the earth moving of Steve's announcements are having to cope with the reality of choice.

Wall Street has loved and hated Apple in huge cycles.  While Apple has been pretty consistent.  In the end then Apple is not at fault for lack of joy, the developer community has to actually do more.

If and if they have to do more then its an opportunity to be more universal.
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