Mobile World Congress 2013 Recap

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Mobile World Congress 2013 Recap

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Last week, I posted a first day report about Mobile World Congress 2013.  Since that first hectic day they improved the efficiency of the trains to the MWC site, the show really got into full swing and I was able to walk around a little to see the show. 

Here are some key trends I picked up:

1.  Movement to cloud.  Not that surprising really.  There is a term called “dumb cloud” which I hadn’t heard before.  Operators don’t want to be “dumb pipes” of course.  Now they don’t want to offer “dumb clouds”.  Makes sense.  So do something about it.  Offer services that maybe are more secure, or might be more targeted to the mobile user because after all, the service provider would / should know something about them.

2.  Along the same lines as above, or maybe more like the next step of the above, is Software Defined Networking (SDN).  This is about putting the infrastructure in the cloud.  Look for an in-depth blog from me about this subject in the coming weeks.

3.  LTE Interworking.  As I expected there was much messaging and activity about LTE interworking to 2G/3G/Wireline networks.  This is all about getting down to making the LTE networks realize their full worth.  For those that do “any to any networking” like Dialogic, this is a good opportunity.

4.  WebRTC.  A lot of activity and demos relating to WebRTC, which is about making OTT phone and video calls easier. Companies are trying to figure out how they fit in, whether it’s good or bad for them, and what they should do about it.  Dialogic is right in the middle of helping people understand that and offering solutions so they can capitalize on this.  We ran our WebRTC demo pretty much non-stop the whole 4 days.

5.  Manage SIM’s remotely.   This is related to all the M2M activity, such as the networked car.  For example, when cars are manufactured, they don’t know where they will end up, so there needs to be a way to program the SIMs remotely.  This whole M2M part of communications is taking a bigger stage at MWC.

6.  NFC.  Lots of messaging about NFC in certain halls.  I didn’t have time to stop in there and talk to them.

7.  Mobile Congestion.  As I expected this was a theme. Hall 5 had a lot of the data/video traffic analytic and mobile congestion management solution players present, including, yes, Dialogic. And many of my meetings dealt with the Dialogic solutions for solving this problem.  This issue clearly has a lot of traction and one that has the attention of the service providers.

8.  Massive booths. Can’t really miss that.  When you walk through Hall 3 you notice this.  You could play football in many of these booths.  They are clearly bigger than they used to be.

Rich Tehrani from also came by to do an interview with Dialogic’s Andrew Goldberg.  You can read that interview by following this link.  TelecomTV also did a brief video interview of me about WebRTC which I’m sure will be both scintillating when viewed and posted soon.


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