The Unique role of the Service Provider with a SmartHome

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Jim Machi

The Unique role of the Service Provider with a SmartHome

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As last week's blog described, a SmartHome is a complicated place today.  A service provider could tie all of these different SmartHome networks together in the form of an IoT / AI / WiFi / LTE / 5G hub that could control all of these functions from a single software application. The software application would be able to control different Smart devices but also enable them to work seamlessly in either a WiFi or mobile context.  In other words, provide unique "always on" connectivity no matter which network you have at your disposal.  That's true value.  A service provider is the only company that could offer this.

While many smart devices are out there monitoring and monitoring and monitoring away, once there is an “anomaly” it would likely require real time communication interaction.   Real time communications certainly has a place in the IoT market.  If a sensor, or some AI integrated engine like Watson notices an anomaly in some data and whether something is actually wrong, or appears wrong, or may need some attention, a phone call or video call would certainly be necessary.  And who knows how to do real time communication better than a service provider?



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