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SMB VoIP: Interview with Rich Terhani - Part 2

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Rich Tehrani - Interview - Part 1

Listen to this conversation with a true veteran in the industry as I interview the President and Editor in Chief for TMC, Rich Tehrani. We spent nearly 40 minutes talking about the opportunity for SMB VoIP vendors and operators covering everything from Business Trunking to Multihoming WAN devices which ensure connectivity for IP communications. We also touched on IMS and what the impact that technology will have on the SMB.

We also taouched on VoIP Demo. You developers out there, make sure you take in this show. The world's first and only VoIP Demo event taking place in August in Santa Clara, put on by Rich's team.

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I spoke wih Kevin Nehercott of LignUp on the show floor at VON. The LignUp story is pretty cool, technology from Japan that has been altered and reborn to create a new era feature server and extensive API for web apps.

Ken Kuenzel on SIP Security

February 21, 2006 1:41 PM | 1 Comment

I interviewed Ken Kuenzel, CTO for Covergence today on SIP security which just happens to be the focus of his company.

We talked for 20 minutes about SIP security and what that means to the SMB operator and the Enterprise market in general. Ken talked about their strategy on TLS, SRTP and SMB SIP trunking.


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Ken is responsible for setting the companies overall technical direction and product architecture as well as the on-time delivery of high-quality products. Over the last 25 years Ken has successfully brought large complex networking systems to market and enjoys a well deserved reputation for delivering high quality products in a timely, cost effective manner. Prior to founding Covergence, Ken was a Founder and the System Architect of Tiburon Networks, Founding Team and System Architect of Aptis Communications, and consulting engineer at both Shiva and Digital Equipment Corporation.

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