CRM Fest at Dreamforce '07, ShareMethods, PluraPage, Saaspoint's PropertyPoint, Access Data Corp., Considered Sales, Ken Kesey

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CRM Fest at Dreamforce '07, ShareMethods, PluraPage, Saaspoint's PropertyPoint, Access Data Corp., Considered Sales, Ken Kesey

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is "Fields of Athenrye" by The Malleys, from the album The Songs of Celtic: Green and White Anthems, Vol. 2:

You know, the worst thing about O.J. getting arrested in Las Vegas is how much time it'll take away from his finding the killer of Nicole and Ron.

PluraPage, a hosted eMarketing software company based in Herndon, Virginia, has announced the launch of PluraPage Basic, available for free to software users. The product is a scaled-down version of the company's proprietary technology PluraPage Landing Pages, a tool that lets users create personalized landing pages on the fly for lead generation and conversion efforts.

"This is a special offer that solves the internal resource issues for Salesforce users and marketers who want custom, hosted landing pages to enhance their programs," said Joseph Rizzo, CEO of PluraPage, while exhibiting at the Dreamforce meeting in San Francisco. "We are giving the marketer complete control over the look, feel and quantity of landing pages without requiring them to have a background in IT or computer programming."

PluraPage is a partner making PluraPage software available to Salesforce users for free through the Salesforce AppExchange. PluraPage Basic will now host landing pages for the end user at no cost to Salesforce users.

A recent survey on "Improving B-to-B Lead Management" by Forrester Research concludes more than half of the marketing people surveyed are "using piloted microsites," such as PluraPage, which help B-to-B marketers "publish buyer-friendly mini-sites without specialized Web skills or IT intervention."

Saaspoint, a specialist Salesforce developer and implementation consultancy, has announced the availability of PropertyPoint on's AppExchange marketplace. Built on the platform, PropertyPoint is immediately available for test drive and deployment at

PropertyPoint is a real-estate sale/lease management application that can be used in conjunction with Salesforce CRM or as a stand-alone application. In addition to managing real estate accounts and contacts, PropertyPoint can match properties with prospects seeking to buy or rent real estate.

Its LIVE!Search function matches properties once details of a requirement are updated or viewed. The LIVE!Search is configurable as additional custom fields are added.

"All data is immediately available for reports and dashboards and can be integrated with other external systems using the Salesforce API," said Andy Clark, technical and AppExchange services manager, Saaspoint. "With optional links to Google Maps, it provides built-in mapping capabilities, allowing plot lists of properties or do a property search from a special 'Property Map' tab."

Considered Sales, creator of Considered Sales CRM, a goal and progress-oriented CRM tool for small business, has announced the release of version 2.0 of their online CRM application, cleverly named Considered Sales.

The online application can manage multiple sales opportunities, an improved interface, simplified call tracking, and a refined sign up process, company officials say.

Considered Sales version 2.0 also features a revised interface, based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies, that delivers both ease of use and faster loading speeds. Kenny Foisy, lead developer, said with the latest improvements, "we are seeing loading times nearly twice as fast, making the interface feel comparable to desktop applications."

Considered Sales version 2.0 is now being offered for only five dollars for the first month of use, and $24.95 for each month, per user, thereafter. The new version of Considered Sales can be found online at

Continuing with the news from's Dreamforce, ShareMethods has announced that JMJ Associates, a global consulting firm, has selected ShareOffice for AppExchange for a deployment across the United States, Europe and Asia.

ShareOffice combines an online office based on open Internet standards with enterprise document management on-demand bringing product categories together into an Office 2.0 application for the first time.

Bob Allbright, the Americas regional marketing and sales manager at JMJ Associates, said the end result has been "a reduction in proposal issuance time of 30 percent to 50 percent, and elimination of a lot of stress on the people involved in the proposal generation process."

With ShareOffice, collaborative teams can create, edit, and share documents and spreadsheets online, and can automatically generate common sales documents such as proposals, contracts, quotes, and customer letters in a single browser interface using customer data from Salesforce. Marketers can create, manage and share marketing documents online such as newsletters, press releases and product brochures.

ShareOffice is the first commercially available product developed based on OpenSAM, an open simple AJAX mashup, OpenSAM is a consortium of software as a service application vendors and a set of AJAX programming recommendations based on open standards that allow multiple online applications to integrate.

And at Dreamforce the Access Data Corp., a vendor of enterprise sales reporting and data management services for the financial services industry, has announced the availability of SalesVision for's AppExchange.

SalesVision's on-demand enterprise offering includes business applications for sales reporting, 22c-2 shareholder compliance monitoring, compensation tracking, and Salesforce data integration. Deployed on the platform, SalesVision is immediately available for test drive and deployment at

"Many of the leading asset management firms in the country already use SalesVision and Salesforce CRM to provide sales reporting and client relationship management across their business enterprise," said Frank Polefrone, senior vice president of product development for Access Data. "By joining's popular AppExchange, we are making it even easier to deploy, integrate and manage our combined offering to clients."

And today's Literary Corner comes courtesy of The Writer's Almanac, which notes that today is the birthday of Ken Kesey, author of the great novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, one of the very few great novels which has also inspired a great movie. Offhand First Coffee can't think of another one… well, maybe The Graduate.

Kesey was born in La Junta, Colorado in 1935. He was a champion wrestler in high school and voted most likely to succeed. So he married his high school sweetheart and planned to go to Hollywood to be an actor, but in a fateful decision, accepted a fellowship in creative writing at Stanford. Not that anybody learns to write great novels in academia, but while there, as part of a VA experiment, for $75 a day -- durn good money in the '50s -- he became one of the first Americans to be exposed to a new drug called LSD.

The experience changed his life. He became fascinated by the idea of sanity and insanity and who decides and what the boundary is, and he took a job as the night attendant on the psychiatric ward of a hospital, which inspired his 1962 novel.

That was the only good book Kesey had in him. After dabbling in the counterculture, he moved back to his family's farm in Oregon and spent much of the rest of his life raising cattle and sheep and growing blueberries, joining the local school board and coaching wrestling. Oh, and he taught a creative writing class.

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