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Cleaning Up my Twitter Follows

Today is a big Twitter day for me. You may or may not realize that my Twitter feed is automated meaning my blog posts just convert over to Twitter posts. I have set up my account to get an email...

SMS Comes To Contact Centers

When an entire generation uses their phones for nothing but social networking and sending text messages, smart contact center companies see an opportunity. Interactive Intelligence is one such company and recently added SMS as a channel as part of its...

SMS Advertising

Robby Benedyk Senior Manager GlobalProduct Marketing at TekelecFor service providers on the cutting edge, you should be exploring placing ads in the text messages your subscribers send to one another. While there is a 160 character limit on SMS messages,...

Inflight Texting

CNET’s Crave blog reports this morning that there is a chance we may see text messaging allowed in the US soon. I am not sure how this is possible if the phones which allow the texting to take place are...
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