Longview IoT Boosts Energy and Wireless Efficiency

Some of the biggest challenges slowing down the adoption of IoT are security, efficient battery usage and optimized wireless communications.

One company has focused on all of these areas as well as others with solid success.

To learn more, we spoke with Brad Bush of Longview IoT who explained, as part of Carnegie Technologies, the company is uniquely positioned as part of a deeper family of companies.

Brad went on to explain Longview has an end-to-end solution which supports most of the world. It consists of sensors, cloud, gateways and Brad-Bush-600.jpgapplications.

Brad Bush

The company recently announced a new gateway and microgateway as well as other products such as a fill sensor, air quality sensor and more.

The products while interesting are also proof-points for the company’s new Super-B protocol which is designed to boost the efficiency of IoT networks and devices.

It offers eight times the capacity of typical LoRa solutions utilizing TDMA-type channelization – this means the sensors and network use precise timing to ensure collision detection and mitigation issues common on many networks, is replaced by orderly and efficient time-slot-based communications.
Hybrid geolocation with GPS, triangulation, and RSSI accurately identifies asset location and minimizes battery consumption. Wi-Fi voice and messaging built into gateways provide total communications solution for remote areas. Solar power battery backup allows for remote installations and a proprietary firmware-over-the-air upgrade algorithm reduces the need for in-field support.

In addition, the company tops LoRa 128-bit encryption with physically unclonable fingerprint or PUF based on technology from IntrinsicID to minimize the potential for device spoofing. In addition, the devices utilize private key infrastructure with a public key on the server.

There is also a WiFi Mesh capability, allowing P2P communications between devices operating in the coverage area.

Target markets include energy, utilities, construction and others.

Longview solves a few troubling IoT issues at once – battery life, network efficiency and security, making them a great company to consider as you build out your IoT solution.

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