Genesys' Timely Deals: Consernos and SDE

One of the signature features of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, owned by Alcatel-Lucent, and why it is highly respected is its ability to execute thoroughly: whether in devising and enhancing new software or buying other industry firms.

A case in point is Genesys' announcements today of two acquisitions: Conseros, which provides software that enables dynamically prioritizing work task distribution, and SDE the creators of the Genesys Customer Interaction Portal (GCIP). The two moves are very timely because these firms bring to Genesys, and to its customers and prospects solutions that can help them increase their productivity and reduce costs.

The Conseros acquisition adds to the Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution the ability to extend and route calls to outside of contact centers, such as bank tellers, field techs, retail clerks, and back office staff based on skills-based routing and availability.

This functionality, says Genesys, saves on facilities, equipment, and headcount costs. Rather than hire and outfit, say, 10 new agents in the contact center, they can leverage a small portion of 100 back office employees. 

There is growing anecdotal evidence to support the effectiveness of iWD. One Genesys customer, involved in leveraging the back office to support customer service, reported an 18 percent productivity improvement.

The SDE purchase 'patriates' the GCIP, which, amongst its distinguishing features allows hosters/service providers to upgrade and customize their offerings to their clients in near-real time, or close to the amount of time it takes to upgrade/customize on-premises versions of the same types of software. That functionality addresses this issue: customization and speed which has been one of the key stumbling blocks to hosted solutions.

Genesys plans to enhance GCIP and has already done so such as by giving it better multi-tenant capabilities.  Think of GCIP as a portal front-end for customer service applications, but it is primarily built with Genesys as the back end.  Genesys has direct integration with Siebel, SAP CRM, Microsoft CRM, RightNow, SalesForce, and other SaaS or premise-based applications. GCP is also optimized for the entire Genesys product line (CIM) including IVR and voice (Genesys Voice Platform).

And unlike many software industry deals that often involve months of integrating product lines and devising new resulting applications, the benefits to companies and likely buyers from these two Genesys acquisitions are available immediately.

iWD represents the new branding around the existing Genesys offerings and the Conseros Global Task List manager as Conseros was designed specifically for Genesys. SDE (as part of VoicInt, Telecommunications, which is its former parent) was Genesys' technology partner in creating GCIP.

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