Another National Broadband Plan - Based on Fiber!

This time it is Bahrain

Excess dark fiber capacity will be made available on an "open access" basis for this Nationwide plan. 

Bahrain only has a total area of 707 sq km (273 sq miles) and total population of 775, 585 people, so it is not much of a "country" to cover. In comparison Rhode Island, the smallest US state, has a total area of 1545 sq miles and total population of 1,053, 209. 

This fiber plan will certainly lead to higher broadband speeds and penetration rates for the country of Bahrain. Perhaps Rhode Island should have its own State Broadband Plan based on fiber. 

Most interesting about this plan is the first direct mention of an Internet Exchange - The Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) being responsible for the implementation.

The Member List is:

2 Connect, Ascentech Telecom, Busines Communication Network, Central Informatics Organisation, Elephant Talk, Etisalcom, Gateway Gulf, iCol Plus, Kalaam Telecom, Kulacom Communications, North Star Technology, Nuetel, Orbit Communications, Rawabi Communications, Viacloud 

Very interesting. Not a large IX at all and not many big names, but the BIX is responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of the plan. Maybe each state in the US needs its own local IX and that group should be responsible for the state broadband plan? Then it would just be a matter of interconnecting those state level IX's with dark fiber and a system would be born.

It might not be the best idea for the actual state government to run, manage, or otherwise be involved in the IX and some states in the US are so large that they may need 2, or even 3 IX's for local peering, but it would create a very defined "goal" for the network operators. The destination would be a local IX. Once there, the network operators could get around the rest of the US and world rather easily.

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