Weekend Experiment: Toting My Droid Around Brooklyn

Okay, I admit it.


I almost jumped out of my seat when my new Motorola Droid got all robot-like on me, announcing "Droid!" in  a dark-electro freaky alien voice when I first turned it on. But as soon as I charged that baby up, easing into life on Android turned freakishly easy. 


It's pretty amazing how well the Google Android-infused Droid capturing the gorgeous, full-color images embedded in my Gmail messages. That -- plus the easy-to-scroll Facebook app -- makes my BlackBerry Curve 8520 seem so archaic.


On the downside, the Curve, iPhone and virtually any other smart device I've handled lately is certainly a lot lighter than the comparatively brick-heavy Droid. And if there's an easy way to configure my Droid so I can instantly check my ten other non-Gmail accounts, I haven't discovered it yet.


Still, the extra weight is a lot better than carrying around a bunch of paper directions. I teach guitar on the weekends, on foot, and spend my Sundays trotting from one Brooklyn brownstone to another. This weekend, using the Droid's "Maps" feature and easy navigation tool, I was able to plug in my destination and get exact GPS-i-fied details on how to get from one home to another.


And that's something I certainly didn't get with any of my older smartphones. I'll take the scary "Droid" voice anyday over anything less than easy GPS!

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