Motorola DROID is a Beast; Droid Eris is a Beauty

droid-eris-verizon-Support-708.pngHaving HTC's Droid Eris is like having a little computer -- or a slightly cooler-looking iPhone.
But I wouldn't have known this hadn't a friendly Verizon Wireless PR rep suggested that I check it out (after asking for me to give back the Motorola DROID I borrowed). 

See, when Verizon Wireless released both gadgets in early November, a flurry of media write-ups and advertising campaigns crowned Motorola DROID the Alpha Male of the handset market (targeting non-princess types through questionably sexist commercials). Still, the hefty cell phone with both touchscreen widgets plus a tangible keyboard sported some seriously awesome features - like voice-activated GPS and the best-looking Gmail interface I've ever seen.
If the Motorola DROID is a beast, then the Droid Eris is a beauty, with a smooth, black/soft black exterior and bright, app-happy color screen. I love the little retro clock on the home screen and Eris' lightweight feel (plus, it actually fits into my princess-jeans pockets without making me look pudgy).
Still, I wondered, putting the pretty phone into my pants pocket, how could this gadget offer anything the iPhone doesn't? Soon, on the snowiest night of the year, I would learn that this little Droid did.
My hour-long train ride into New York City was MUCH more entertaining than it would've been with my standby BlackBerry. Checking out news headlines and YouTube feeds was easy and fun (though the network speed was a bit slower than I'd hoped). Getting exact location information of my Saturday night party was easy, too. While there, I snapped some photos, which looked as good as any iPhone shots I've seen. (Did I mention Droid Eris is much prettier than the iPhone?)
That's not to say device didn't have its negatives.
It was a bit confusing to navigate, and oftentimes I felt like I had to push the menu button several times before the page would change. And had I not been a loyal Verizon subscriber already, I'm not sure this phone would've made me switch to Verizon. But should I grow weary of my BlackBerry Curve's keypad, it's nice to know I have another option (in addition to the BlackBerry Storm 2, of course!) that looks good when I'm going out, entertains me when I'm bored and wouldn't be confused for a big clunky brick.
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I just got the Eris and cannot get it to receive emails through my Cox provider. I can send email, but cannot recieve. I've talked with both Verizon and Cox reps and they can't get it working either. Help!!!!!! This is very frustrating as that was a major reason for getting this phone. I changed from a Blackberry Curve which could get the email but not the true view web. I love the Eris but need the Cox connection. Thanks for any help. Trevor

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