Gadgets over Godiva? Not on My Valentine's Day!

As a member of the "fairer" sex, I'm a sucker for red roses, nice dinners and sappy text messages. Especially in bitter-cold February.
Thank God my paramour knows better than to bring me a cold, non-floral high-tech trinket in lieu of the boring, predictable - but beloved! - batch of long-stem red roses.
In an informal poll of my female tech-writer coworkers, three out of four said they would prefer roses and dinner on Valentine's Day over the iPod Nano. Even those who would opt for the Nano don't consider Apple's mini MP3 player romantic.
But if you're a nuts-and-bolts kind of guy who insists that getting something electrical for your lady in waiting, make sure it comes with a candlelit dinner.
And if you're short on ideas, consider a few of the tech industry's 2010 V-Day marketing ploys that push gadgets over Godiva.
Apple's promoting its iPod Touch through the "Love at First Touch" campaign. And apparently, iPod Nano "Captures Hearts. And Video."
Verizon has this funny new commercial that centers on a male and female silhouette: The guy shadow gets on one knee and pulls out a phone with lackluster 3G coverage. The female shadow, infuriated, storms off. Then, in another scene, Mr. Shadow Man gives her a Verizon phone with (supposedly) excellent 3G coverage. All is well, and we see the happy shadow couple rejoice over cell phone service.  
If giving a phone's a little too personal (or not personal enough), consider giving your honey a heartwarming book to re-kindle the flame.   
Tonight, head to and click on the "Kindle, the gift they'll love" link. You'll get a free two-day shipping in honor of Cupid.
Of course, if you're like some of the men I know, you could just head to the supermarket early in the morning and try your luck at a few thorny red ones. Sure, they'll die within a day or two - but at least you won't be construed as practical, but unromantic.  
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Why can't we have both? I love chocolates and roses but then I love cool gadgets too to go with them. Thanks for sharing your interesting insights here.

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