Planning a Wedding with My BlackBerry: Not Happening Yet

Planning a wedding in the Internet era is so easy, it's no wonder so many non-celebrity wedding planners are out of work. 
In fact, you could plan TEN weddings at once using the Web, doing everything from dress shopping to booking a honeymoon. Even my engagement ring was fetched online, via
Some other examples:
1. I found cards I liked on and -- via an instant chat application -- was able to ask "Gina" whether the price included envelopes, or if I could order two sets of save-the-date cards (my family doesn't like the ones of my fiancé passed out in my arms at 2 a.m. after a friend's wedding!).
2. I found wholesale craft depot that would sell glass container centerpieces at a fraction of the cost florists would charge.
3. I found 10 versions of "the perfect gown," and the stores near me where to try them on.
4. Google docs is making it ridiculously easy input and sort everyone I'm invited. I can share my files with my fiancé, too, so I don't have to do all the work (technically not, at least). And soon, this feature will help me track presents.
But because my Internet time is usually accounted for by other activities - as only the under-employed and paid bloggers have time to blog after breakfast - I would love nothing more than to be able to do more wedding stuff on my BlackBerry 8330 smartphone.
I've tested wedding-centric activities - like browsing bridesmaid dresses - with much success on the Motorola DROID. And the Droid Eris helped me find my way to more than one bridal boutique in Connecticut.
But I've had quite a bit of trouble trying to access The Knot's mobile site on my BlackBerry (though there's an awesome-looking iPhone App The Knot keeps telling me about). I'd love to do number crunching on the Metro North train, traveling to dress fittings in Manhattan without having to lug my Macbook along.
So, what should I do? It's not like I'm gonna throw in the towel and get an iPhone like my fiancé and millions of other people I know - just because I want to use my smartphone to help plan my wedding. But I must admit that I feel, as wireless gadget reporter girl, I'm entitled to a mobile app that lets me plan my wedding!
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