iPhone Coming to Verizon - Could it Really be True?!

Most of you know I've rhapsodized on the joys of my BlackBerry time and time again on this blog, while many of my friends have espoused the merits of their iPhones.
And while I've considered ditching my pink 'berry for a Motorola DROID (the voice-activated navigation feature is awesome, by the way!), I've never even considered an iPhone. You'd have to pry me away from Verizon Wireless, which I switched over from Sprint in 2003 because it was the only network that wouldn't drop calls made while riding the Metro in Washington, D.C.
Still, I must grudgingly admit my ears perked up when I heard, on NPR this morning, that Verizon could very soon be carrying the iPhone.
According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to begin producing this year a new iPhone that could allow U.S. phone carriers other than AT&T to sell the phone.
What's more, the new iPhone would work on CDMA, the network technology used by Verizon Wireless!
Could this really be true? I rushed into work this morning to make some calls - albeit, a bit distracted by personal thoughts like, "should I switch to the iPhone after all?" -- to Verizon, AT&T and Apple a few minutes ago. A spokesman from AT&T returned my call within minutes.
He couldn't tell me very much. AT&T "doesn't comment" on how many of its smartphones sold are iPhones, or whether the iPhone is more popular than other smartphones, like the BlackBerry Bold. He also couldn't comment on whether and when the Apple's exclusive U.S. contract with AT&T to sell the iPhone would expire.
Hmm. If and when this contract does expire, and iPhone comes to Verizon, will I stay loyal? Sometimes relationships need to be tested - and even if it isn't true love with me and the BlackBerry Curve (though it is true love with me and Verizon), it'll be interesting to see if an infatuation with the iPhone on my network will be enough to make me stray.
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