Gadget Review: Sound 510 Bluetooth Headset

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Wearing headsets isn't a pain in the butt. What is? Putting them on in the first place. 
Moments after I tore into the sample kit for Sound ID's 510 Bluetooth headset - an elongated piece of black plastic that came with its own clip-on carrying sleeve - I had a devil of a time trying to adjust the little ear piece so it would slide into my ear.
But it was worth it! On my way home from work, I enjoyed the cool oh-so-relaxed feeling of not having a cell to my (and I almost forgot I was wearing what looks like a skinny flash drive pressed against my right ear).

The next morning, however, it took me more time to adjust the thing into my right ear than it did to brush my hair - and I have hair that's more than a foot long! But I didn't give up. After all, one of the selling points of this headset is its "lightweight, ergonomic in-ear design" for a "comfy molded fit." Also, the 'set, which became available on June 6, is designed to offer the latest advances in sound engineering in addition to comfort, according to Mountain View, Calif.-based Sound ID.
Being that I get my music through my iPod Touch, but not my phone (I'm still a BlackBerry Curve girl), I wasn't the ideal tester. Still, I did enjoy the fact that all you have to do to adjust the volume is slide your finger up or down the length of device. Another bonus: an On/Off Switch helps to conserve battery life and eliminate pocket dialing.
The Sound ID 510 headset also comes with a small, energy efficient Universal AC travel charger, USB charging cable, clip holster carrying case, three sizes of RealComfort EarLoops and an Ear Hook for an alternative over-the-ear wearing option. It's available for $129.99 at AT&T nationwide and at The Sound ID EarPrint App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone at
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I know its my first post here, but ive been reading for a while and really enjoy it

i think differrent but this review is seems OK but some secret that Manufacture didn't tell cuz the true about this i will back tomorrow with detail ,THX

but this review is seems OK but some secret that Manufacture didn't tell cuz the true about this i will back tomorrow with detail ,THX

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