Why You Should Say Yes to the X

Tornados that threatened Fairfield County, Connecticut, last week didn't do a shred of damage to my after-work, five-mile run. 

But my phone, a pink BlackBerry Curve I've had for 11 months, drowned in the parking lot of a pal's apartment complex. Though wind didn't do it in, those torrential downpours killed the keypad. (Unfortunately, they didn't kill the alarm, which went off at 6 the next morning. I actually had to physically remove the battery to kill that!).

Lucky for me, I test new smartphones as a perk of my job and - lo and behold! - I found myself alone with the highly coveted, wannabe iPhone killer: The Motorola Droid X. After those folks at Verizon said they'd have to order me a new BB Curve, a real test ensued.
Now, it's only in times of desperation - when you have no other active phone in your pocket or purse - that you can TRULY test a new handset. It's not a real test if you don't ditch all other forms of communication.

So I'm happy to say, the X hit the spot perfectly. I was able to use the GPS "Maps" section with ease to navigate my way to and from the nearest Verizon Wireless store. And the text messages were awesome! There was no cutoff after I put in too many characters; text messages appeared with the Facebook profile photo and inside little, fun-to-read bubbles.

I loved that I could get my Gmail messages (along with the photos in them). I also loved the big 4.3-inch screen and 8-meg camera (though I didn't get a chance to test to HD video feature).

What was kinda hard, however, was adapting to the Droid X's touchscreen interface. Apparently, there's all kinds of research that says consumers are migrating to the touchscreen. This consumer won't be one of those anytime soon.
I have some options, though, should I want to go Android. The original Motorola DROID, brick of a device that it was, had both a touchscreen interface and a slide-out keyboard.

But when I got my trusty little new BlackBerry I thanked the heavens I could text with speed again. Though I must admit, I sure miss the Android marketplace.
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