HD is all the buzz...for the Superbowl and our industry

It's not just the Cardinals and Steelers preparing for Superbowl today. Millions of serious football fans are making sure their TVs and set top boxes are HD ready so they can see the game as it should be seen - in high definition. But why only focus on being seen and not heard? 
Whether it's in the business or consumer space, HD voice can have the same impact to communications that HD video has had to the living room. From my perspective it's not just "if," but "when?"
This week at the IT Expo, Rich Tehrani is moderating a panel called, "HD -What's the noise and are we ready?" As developers in IP communications space, we do know that the technology is there. The technology is mature and stable. Wideband audio codecs are available and proven. Networks have the bandwidth and capability. Real-time communications in IP is ready to be more than just the ability to connect with a smooth and clear conversation. It is time to get the full value of what the technology to provide high definition sound quality for our business conversations and personal calls. 
When I saw my first superbowl game on an HDTV, it was literally jaw-dropping for me and now I think... how could we ever watch the game any other way? I believe we will look back on HD voice the same way someday, so why wait?
ps. For those of you attending IT Expo this week, TI's Debbie Greenstreet, director of service provider marketing for our communications infrastructure and voice group, will join Rich on the panel with several other heavy hitters in voice technology to discuss the future of HD voice.
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