Podcasts Let you Market on MP3 Players

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Podcasts Let you Market on MP3 Players

Bending the Needle, Fresh AirVoIP Users Conference and Geekspeak galvanized me to start podcasting. What a choice! What a garden! What a candy store! Just download to your favorite MP3 player, go for a walk, be entertained and/or educated.

So when will you start podcasting? Everyone's doing it. Why not? It's fun. It lets you do so many things: interviews, debates, FAQs, lectures, verbal demonstrations, testimonials, commercials, and even games.

Check VOIP Music eLearning for a great list of free and paid podcasting tools. I'd like to add one more called Podcast Generator on SourceForge. It was developed and is maintained by Alberto Betella of Italy. See credits.

A list of the IP Communications and Social Networking Celebrities I've had the honor of podcasting with:

1. Daniel-Konstantin Mierla of Kamailio (genuine OPENSER) SIP Server and Asipto

2. Graham Francis, CEO of The SIP School, 10% off compliments of DIDX, well worth

3. Michael Elfellah of Global Digitec on GPS Independency through DID and More

4. Ludymar Reveron of IPSmarx, Calling Card Business Headquarters and More

5. Harmon Wilfred of ITTelnet, Beat the Economic Meltdown

6. Ilene Adler of Vantage Communications, Gender Equality in Technology Professions

7. Sarah Dawood and Neil Christy of Cafe Headlion, be a part of their Global Marketing Library

8. John Nishimoto of Paetec, cool CLEC

9. Leif Madsen, Pioneer in Asterisk (Rock Star)

10. Allison Smith, Voice of Asterisk

11. Luca Filligheddu of Twilio and Truth in Business

12. Joel Driver, Asterisk Developer and Entrepreneur

13. Jonathan Leoung, a Social Marketing for Business Natural (No Commercial Feel)

14. Roman Khalenkov of PortaOne, Full Source Code and 24/7 NOC

15. David Mandelstam of Sangoma and Lessons in Customer Service

16. Michael Schelin of Schelcomm and Being Green

17. Maria Gomez on Colombia Business

18. Dilawar Syed of Open Silicon Valley Forum and other Entrepreneurial Empowerment Projects

19. Art Smith on MexiConnect and Local Presence for ExPats as well as Emergency Op Center

20. Carol Davids and Warren Bent on the * VoIP Conference and VoIP Lab at Illinois Institute of Technology

21. Atiq Rehman about ITCN Asia and Technology Development in Pakistan

22. My Colleague Dan Shomail at Super Technologies, Inc.

23. Anthony Minnesale and Brian West of FreeSWITCH and Cluecon

24. Jaymie Scotto of Jaymie Scotto and Associates, Virtual Marketing

25. Rabah Djanati of Teledep and Assists Customers with R&D

26. Bernd Wiegmann, Symbian Developer and Creator of TrackLoc, Punch2Go and Tandem

26. Omar Chohan of SACS International on Leveraging IP-PBX and the Blackberry Rim


* Sign up for the VoIP Conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology. They have a sophisticated and dynamic VoIP Lab. How exciting to be a part of IP communications education with the talent enrolled there. The conference is Oct. 25-26, 2009. You can still sponsor, too.

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