VoIP Facebook Page Request Leads to Xorcom SIP Phone Talk

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VoIP Facebook Page Request Leads to Xorcom SIP Phone Talk


The Teachers' Lounge is a place I never hung out in when I taught English to 8th graders for 15 or so years. I'm not tight with the people who like to talk IP communications International Enquirer gossip, but I do pay attention to knowledge and experience that coders, evangelists, early adopters and potential customers of open source telephony, VoIP and such ... post that they want and that they have.

Not long ago, Olle Johansson of Edvina AB updated one of the most versatile and useful VoIP groups on Facebook with this comment, "I just noticed that Xorcom have released SIP phones. Any experiences in this group? http://www.xorcom.com/images/stories/mktgdocs/xp-series-ip-phones-brochure.pdf"

Of course, I am a glutton for the usual eerie silence or mad debate -- the former is most often true -- that follows my posts online especially in open source forums, but I still replied with my transparent, positive, smiling self, "Their own brand! I'll ask around in my other ip comm - filled networks, Olle."

Within a few weeks, I lucked out and collaborated with Ruth Bridger, the VP of marketing at Xorcom in recording the second of two audio podcasts with her. The topics range from the new SIP phones and open source telephony to her travels through Lithuania for search of family roots and also to Russia. We complain a bit about how sometimes IP communications events clash with important religious holidays.

The Xorcom VP of marketing talks specifically about their new SIP phones about seven minutes into the audio podcast interview. Listen and send me your comments here on this blog and to her on the Xorcom blog or Contact Us page.

Ruth Bridger and I laughed together about how much has changed over the past 1/2 century that I have lived such as ...
1. Speaking of Russia, I took a mandatory class my junior year of high school called Americanism vs Communism. No joke.
2.  She remembered the cartoon Bullwinkle and his villainous Russian enemies Boris Badenov and Natashia Fatale which was popular from 1959, the year I was born, through its last episode in 1964 and reruns after that. I remember the lead character moose's positive outlook in life with his most repeated statement, "Now, here's something we hope you'll really like!"
3. We remember when no one used a cell phone, TV was only black and white, and seeing people while you talk to them on the phone ... was ... science fiction.

Stream the Xorcom SIP Phones podcast or download it and listen anywhere, and don't forget to share the love and recommend others to listen and interact with us!

See you, AstraQom, DIDX, Xorcom, and other telephony-related businesses at any of the following: Asian Carriers Conference this week, and also in October ... ITEXPO West, Elastix World, Astricon, 4G World, and 4G Latin America this year.

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