The FCC's Agenda

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The FCC's Agenda

I get a headache trying to figure out the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). First, it works diligently to UN-Regulate the RBOCs and to re-create not on, but two, Ma Bells. Then it orders states to give franchise deals to the Ma Bells to hasten triple-play. For the sake of competition, FCC Chair Kevin Martin (herein refered to as K-Mart) says.

The FCC is currently running the 700 MHz spectrum auction with some problems, like one small bidder for the public safety spectrum.

The FCC has spent a great deal of effort on Indecency on TV. (Think Janet Jackson's nipple and Charlotte's butt on NYPD Blue, both resulting in big fines and work for the court system.)

Then the FCC in 2007 went on a national tour to get public feedback about media ownership, which K-Mart immediately and deliberately ignored, ruling in favor of Big Media as opposed to what the public wanted - more localism and minority ownership in media. (BTW, this might be why newspapers are screwed. Instead of listening to the public, at least at the Tampa meeting that I attended, Big Media sent people to say how TBO helped them. If your customers want A and you decide on B, don't be upset if your customers don't buy). Sorry for that tangent. Anyway, public feedback ignored. Big Media win. Newspapers still laying off despite K-Mart's attempt to save Big Media. (The FCC's mandate from the Communications Act in 1934 is spectrum management.)

Menawhile the FCC seems to want to regulate cable more heavily. by proclaiming the 70% rule is in effect. Basically, that means that once cable gets 70% penetration in a market more regulation applies including inhibition on M&A.

The FCC spent today getting public feedback on Network Management. Wait a minute. Public feedback on Network Management? K-Mart doesn't listen to public feedback - and what does the public know about Network Management? Comcast is now being sued over P2P traffic throttling. So they have the FCC and courts now. To me Network Management should be spelled out in the User's Agreement and Terms of Service, where Comcast does spell it out. It's their network. According to the FCC reports, you have other providers to go to. I just do not think that the FCC is equipped to mandate to network providers how to run their network. If it was selective traffic, sure. But all P2P? No. That's okay with me - as long as you spell it out clearly in your TOS and UA. That makes it a Truth in Advertising issue which is the domain of the FTC. I did not hear any talk about AT&T wanting to examine and filter all traffic over its network. And as long as you are taking on Network Management, Kevin, buddy, how about the AT&T wiretap room. It would see that THAT would be a violation of your CALEA rules, since no warrants were issued. Where's the hearing on that? Oh, wait. It was Ma Bell. Right. If Comcast had that room, there would be televised hearings.

Facebook has a dialogue on this.

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