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| Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, Inc. talking telecom, Cloud, VoIP, CLEC, and The Channel.

How Nuance is Powering the Voice Economy

It's no secret that voice interfaces have become one of the most successful product categories in recent years. With the price point...

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FCC and FTC Co-Host April 23rd Expo on Robocall Blocking

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will host a Stop Illegal Robocalls Expo on Monday, April...

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Why Not Move to Cloud Fax?

  The last couple of weeks I explored the topic of SIP Trunking.   One of the benefits I discussed is that cloud...

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Jabra Responds To Evolving Workplace with Engage 65, 75

After exhausting interviews with 400 call center professionals and IT administrators, Jabra set out to design headsets for the evolving workplace. Respondents...

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CounterPath Now does Collaboration

President and CEO Donovan JonesYears before it was fashionable, CounterPath had a soft-client, allowing an app to give mobile devices compatibility with...

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Kollective Improves Network Performance via P2P Technology

Enterprise network congestion on continues to be a problem as software updates and files continue to grow in size. Add to these challenges,...

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Could Scheduling Logins Make us Safer?

Hackers are relentless. Today it was discovered the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) suffered at least 240 data breaches and another 800 suspected...

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Fairpoint Merging!
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Sales KPIs
10 Years of Telco Hubris
UCaaS Round-Up (Tidbits 2443)
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Talking Channel and Opportunity with TelAdvocate
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Marketing Lesson from the Election
Channel Outlook in a Mega-Merger World
As the Telecom World Spins
Another Acquisition in VoIP
Is UCaaS Growing?
Mobile Eats World
Broadsoft Goes Deep in White-Label
CenturyLink Buying Level3: Dumb Idea
Your Webinar Sucks!
Rumor: Level3 to Merge with CenturyLink
Musings on Ma Bell
4 Quotes from Gary Vee
2 Big Mergers and a Smaller One
The InterWebs are Down!
Can You Lower the Price?
Are You Managing Hours or Outcomes?
The Pressure of Price
The Data Center Market is at a Peak
Doing Business in a Busy, Blurred Environment
Channel Partner Enablement Tools
Tidbits #2440
Copper is Coming to an End
Are Outages the New Normal?
Your Commissions Were Cut
Tidbits #2439
Channel Agnostic or Parity?
Are You Busy or Productive?
Is Your Channel Program Up to Standards?
Billion Dollar Time Bomb
The Cyber-Security Threat
The Sub-Agent Dilemma
The State of UC&C - Part 3
Freemium UCaaS by OnSIP
Skype is Taking Share
Where is the Demand?
Contact Center Consolidation
Big Data Comes to Bosses with Prodoscore
As We Close Out the Summer
The Mighty Light of Wall Street
Studying UCaaS
UCaaS: It isn't All Bad News
Research Firms Missed Again on UC
What Pain Does UCaaS Solve?
The INC5000 is Out
National Harbor: In the Bubble
Show Wrap Up: Too Much Reckless Behavior
Attention is Money
Where Are We Now? Ode to the Agent
Well it Finally Happened!
Mergers Culture and Brands
Blabbing About SD-WAN
The Distributor Side of Things
Security is the Ugly Word
Nothing But Vanilla Pudding
Selling SD-WAN as a Trusted Adviser
Talking API and UC with Zilkr
What It Means to Master an Agency
Why You?
PlumUC Pipes in on Skype4B for Partners
Business Continuity is a Conversation
The Last CLEC Pivot
CompTIA's 2016 MSP Study
Cable Customer Service Examined
UC Tidbits #2441
A Big Shift Coming to Telecom
UCaaS Tidbits #2440
Talking to Channel Managers
Change: Musical Chairs
The Struggle of the Channel Managers
OMG! More M&A
What You Can Learn from the Music Industry
Selling UCaaS as a Solution with Velis4
How to Avoid Channel Conflict
A Short Set of Things that Happened
It Got Complicated
LinkedIn to Join the Microsoft Suite
Tidbits #2438
The Telecom Long Tails
The Forecast Calls for a New Strategy
Bringing Wireless Expertise to Your Customers
Conversations with Clients
Master Agents: The Post-Broker Model (podcast with Acuity)
Another UCaaS Acquisition
Is Hosted PBX the Emperor's New Clothes?
4 Points on Selling Broadview OfficeSuite UC
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Open Letter to LinkedIn
Windstream Complains About XO-VZ Deal
It is Nice that Acquires inContact
Most Businesses Fear Change
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GoDaddy Buys Some Voice
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Services Partners Should Take a Look at
Startup Advice for Non-Starups
Replaced by a Robot
Follow the Money
3 Sales Strategies for UCaaS
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Are You a Good Fit?
SD-WAN: the Hype has yet to start
What Channel Are You Watching?
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Why Are You Calling Me?
Musings on the Polycom Deal
TelePacific Rolling Out SD-WAN
Velocloud Talks SD-WAN
Rural Acquisitions Happen Too
This Might Be Big
Why Did Google Add Landline?
SD-WAN Mid-Month Overview
The INCOMPAS Mission
Telecom Tidbits (Part 2432)
The Channel Target Cycle
Why Do You Look at an iPhone That Way?
Can You Say More M&A?
The SD-WAN and Why You Should Care Podcast # 1: Ecessa
The First Fax Machine
The M&A Train Rolls Along
SD-WAN Coming Soon!
Frontier Takes Over in Tampa (Cluster)
Telecom Tidbits (Part 2431)
Culture and Innovation
A Word About Your Elevator Pitch
Game Over: Comcast and Amazon!
Channel Strategy: A Quick Look
Change or Die
What Happens in Vegas
2 Reasons It is Hard to Sell UC
The Work-Life Balance
What Are They Feeding Enterprise?
On the DSCI Buy with TelePacific's David Zahn
Full Circle: Re-Names as Dialpad
The Channel Has Changed, Have You?
TelePacific Goes National
VoIP Tidbits (Part 2430)
Winstream's Blunder Customers, Agents Are Paying For
What is Verizon Doing?
It Will Be an Outsider That Kicks Your Butt
And Who Else Got Acquired?
Telecom Tidbits #2429
Channel Relationships
Open Source Versus Commercial Software (Part 3)
Some M&A
By the Numbers
20 Years and what?
Tidbits # 2428
A Big Deal in the Works?
How To Win at UCaaS
Momentum Trolls Windstream (Going Up-Market)
Monday Morning Thoughts on Sales and Strategy
The Gist of ITEXPO
Channel Partner Take-aways from CVX
A Shift from CLEC
Telecom Disruption
The Storming of Canada
Broadsoft's UCaaS Predictions
Competing in SaaS or VoIP
How Do You Choose a Marketing Firm?
2000 Blog Posts!!!!!
Uh Oh, Microsoft is Closing the Gaps
Is There Anything Impressive About VoIP?
Data Center M&A to Start off 2016
On the Channel Hamster Wheel with PlumUC
Data Center Outlook for 2016
CTI Group Acquired
Telco Troubles, Clec Version
Are the Telcos in Deep Trouble?
The US VoIP Market 2016
On Success and Salespeople
And Start the New Year Now (Tidbits # 2427)
Saying No and Quitting Stuff
End of Year Summary (Tidbits part 2426)
Cisco to Spark Some BroadCloud Competition
Cloud Comms On the Rise
Data Centers are Hot
End of Year News Tidbits (Part 2425)
Sliding into 2016
Thank You
The Consumer Benefit of Mega-Mergers
Unified Hope for UCaaS
The Commission Revenue Spiral
Merger Tidbits (Part 2924)
The B&N Lesson
Lessons from the NGC15
The Channel Nepotism
Non-competitive Broadband
Host.Net CEO Retires
RAD Rant on Channel Marketing
The Butterfly Effect of Cord Cutting
News Tidbits Part 2923
A Little Channel Conflict
The Move Into Canada
Collision of Titans
The Monitoring Master Move
Open Source in the Service Provider
Fuze Joins ThinkingPhones
Marriott Disrupted
UNIFY Gets Acquired
HP, The Idea Economy and You!
Mergers, Acquisitions and Moves
A Thought
Everyone Wants You to be an MSP
FTC Calls Out Data Brokers
Some Companies Are Doing Well, Some Not
The Google Hype Machine
Re-Thinking Noise
What Does a Master Agency Look Like?
TV is Moving to the Internet
Where is the Channel Going?
Telecom Tidbits for Thursday (Part 2922)
Telecom Tidbits (Part 2921)
3 Big Changes Today
Why Your Marketing is Hurting Your Sales
Really Big Mergers
So Much M&A to Keep Up With
News Tidbits Part 2920
Gender Diversity Benefits
Is Mobile the Answer for UC?
As A Service
A Couple of Things
Juniper is a Cable Pusher
The Cable Triumverate
Utility VoIP
Value-Driven Leadership
Will You Be in Anaheim Next Week?
A Lesson from Airlines
A View of UC from Broadvoice
Argument For Internet Regulation
The Broadband Competition Problem
Is There Any Telecom Disruption?
The Cable Dominance Push
The Show Wrap-up
FCC Moves on Frontier and the Internet
The Velocity of Change
The Decline of TV
The Tech is Everywhere
My SIP Product Wish List
What Happened to Alteva?
An SDN-WAN Primer for Channel Partners
What's Up With the Data Center?
What the Studies About UC Say
On Content for Lead Gen
Vonage Picks Up Another One
A Cloud View from AVANT
Lessons from the Hack
Integra Expands With Fiber Buy
The VoIP/UC Round Up # 2920
Fiber Play: NTELOS Bought by Shentel
3 Things You Need to Grow
One Picture
A to Z: Alphabet and Zirtual
An Afternoon of VoIP News
Is the Channel a Reflection of its Execs?
2 Cloud Studies
RUS, FCC, BIP, USF and Other Acronyms
People on the Move
News Tidbits Part 2919
3 Reasons Most VoIP Providers Will Fail
What Are You Learning Today?
CMO Council Study on Content Marketing
Oh, the Promise of UC
2000 Players Have Less Than 40% of Market
Why Broadband May Not Be The Answer
Sales is Transitioning, Are Salespeople?
Channel News Tidbits
Promises Unkept
2 Ways to Increase Your Revenue
The Dip for Channel Partners
Analysts' Views: Part 2
Analysts' Views: Part 1
What Do These Deals Mean?
What Do You Do When Gigabit is $70?
What Do the Security Hacks Mean for the Channel?
One Way to Privately Differentiate
Are You Offering Solutions or Products?
Different Ways to Skin a Cat
Phones and TV Are Disappearing
Cloud, the Desktop and Sales
Are You Frustrated With MPLS?
The WalMart Effect on the Duopoly
Why Be Cagey?
Demystifying the Cloud
Is the PBX Dead?
Merger Noise in June
The Trend Toward Global Expansion
Factors in Channel Program Success and Sales
3 Cable Stories That Are Good Reads
What Happened to e-Sig?
5 Things You Might Want to Read
Phone Companies, Channel and Other News
A Brief About ANPI
Edgewater-Metaswitch UC Study
Charter Bulking Up
Commencement Advice
Europe Invades American Cable
Some Observations on UC&C
Marketing is the Difference
Did You Make It?
Getting Perspective
AOL Gets a Surprise from Verizon
Where is the VoIP Market is Going?
4 Acquisitions Noted (+2)
A Spotlight on EarthLink
Is It Just Me Or Is It Getting Worse?
Insider Telecom: Glossary Part 2
Why I Have a Mad on for the Monopoly
Greedy Content Increases Your Cable Bills
M&A Rumor Mill
Too Much Insider Telecom (a Glossary)
A TWC Story
Trends in America
News Tidbits Part 2917
A New Portal, Mobile App Every Week
Google Disrupts Cell Service
Making Referrals Work
Charter Ditches Wholesale
The Latest Buzz(words) to Offer
Mobile Phones are Hyperlinks
Commissions by Common Core Math
Why Aren't You My Customer?
I Just Don't See Nokia Pulling This Off
The Race to Gigabit is About Business
Cloud, Channel and TelePacific Podcast
Citrix and Grasshopper Make a Good Pair
Customer Experience is the Next Level
Re-Education Will Be Required
Is Size Important?
Top Tampa ISPs Sell Out
What Business Model Should the VAR Examine?
What's With the MSO Consolidation?
UC is Incompatible
Tidbits and Interesting Things Part 140
UC Trends in Q1 2015
Channel Manager Training
Verizon Invites the Channel Once More
What Happened in Vegas?
Vonage Buys Simple Signal
About Product, Startups and Other Things (by Fred Wilson)
A Skewed Look at the FCC from the Inside
The FCC Open Internet Order is Out!
What Can You Learn from Target?
Some More Studies and Stats
What Do You Know About Global Capacity?
Opinions on the FCC Net Neutrality Ruling
IPR Secure's Channel Chief on Merger and More
Managed Security Portfolios Grow
Data Center Trends with COLOTRAQ
No Magic in Telco
Telecom News Tidbits Part 2927
Like Parasailing
Birch Buys Globalinx
After 4 Million Comments, Open Internet Order Passes
At the FCC
My Cynical View
Spam Soap Going to J2 (with 7 Others)
What's Left to MegaPath
Salute to Women in Tech
Sales Math and Measuring What Matters
Cable Will Win
News Tidbits Part 2916
Why Social Media Might Matter
The Culture of Complacency
The Wholesale Paradox
Do Network Upgrades Matter
News Tidbits Part 2915
Softphone From a Handset Maker
Competing Against Cable
The RBOCs: Copper, Spectrum, Regulation and Sales
The New Broadband Definition
Things You May Have Missed at ITEXPO
Is Toll-Free Dead?
3 Reasons UC Deployments Fail
A Quick Marketplace View
What I learned from the NFL Playoffs
It's Just a Piece of Paper
The M&A Picks Up Steam
Broadsoft Buys Leonid
Is This the Year?
The Job Jumper and His Rolodex
The FCC's 10MB Problem
EarthLink Has Embraced Retail
6 Companies to Watch in 2015
Don't Get Trapped
2 Biggest Topics of 2014 and My Guess for 2015
A Clean Sheet of Paper
There Were Some Bright Spots
The Year That Was a Mess
End of Year Tidbits
Study Data Doesn't Mean Much Sometimes
Backup Consolidation Happening
Can You Find the Bestseller Effect?
4 Tips for the Busy Executive
What Will Consolidation Mean in 2015
About Email Marketing
More Money
It Starts With Strategy
2 Items About Open Internet
Connection Contradiction
The Job Market is Hectic
UCaaS Leaders?
A Grateful Holiday Break
Batteries Not Included
VoIP Velocity, But Tie Your Shoelaces First
Comcast Merger Will Pressure CLECs
A Short Chat with the VAR Advisor
Women Owned Start-up Code School Gets Investment
Growth for Women in the Channel [podcast]
Dali, Picasso and UC
Invisible is Good Design
2 Things About Content Marketing
The News Just Isn't the News Anymore
Two UC Providers Cash Out
3 Reasons Channel Management Needs a Slap
Why I am Tired of RingCentral
Look Another Road Show (and Presentation)
What's the Difference?
The Stock Market is Unkind
More Thoughts from Denver (II)
Thoughts from Denver
Channel, Sales and a Chat with a Master Agent
Notes from Connections 2014 Part Deux
Notes from Connections 2014
Tidbits of Telecom and Other News
4 Tips to Upend Sales Inertia
The Battle Over LERG, LNP
FCC Chair Wheeler Missed a Point
Moves in the Market
MITEL is Big in the Midwest
Agent and Reseller M&A
The Cost of Attention (Advertising)
There Are a Number of MSP Resources
What Business Are You Really in?
A $19B UCC Business
How Frictionless is the Sales Process?
Does Signing an Agreement Make a Partnership?
Do SPIFFs Work?
A Chat with IPR's Channel Chief
Peter's View: The Channel Ecosystem
2 Ways to Maximize Your Vendor Relationship
A Podcast with PlumUC
A Few Channel Associations
The IP Transformation Effect
Two Sides of the Street
The Expo News Update
PwC's Growth Study
What Did I Miss Part 34
Security Leaks Everywhere
The Not Unusual Alteva Dilemma
Are You a Red or Black Ant?
The Next Step in UCaaS
Innovation isn't About Replacement
A Brief Look at Big Data
What If Cable Didn't Sell TV?
A Quick Look at Telco Revenues
The Telecom INC5000
Some Tampa Bay Telecom Tidbits
3 VoIP Studies to Skim
These 3 Do Everything Together
Head Count Down for the Count
What Did I Miss?
Becoming a Cloud Services Provider
Poised to Outperform
Managing Brand Reputation
Between the NSA and the Courts, US Cloud is Dead
Structural Separation via REIT Equals Zero Taxes
The Mammoth Model
Pesky Copper Problem
Cloud, Cloud, Cl...Shut Up!
Access is Still Pretty Good
The UCaaS Business Right Now
The Attitude of Gratitude
The Whirl Factor
The Customer is Always Right
The Expanding Channel Programs
Many Moves
More Verizon Netflix Buffering
It's TruPhone's World
Isn't This Crazy?
An Exchange Alternative with UC
Agents May Not Like This
Some Data Center M&A
The Snowden Effect on US Cloud Sales
More VoIP M&A: Onvoy Buys Vitelity
Are You Getting Rejected By Cable?
What Cloud is Supposed to Do
Selling Storage in a Free For All Market
Mobile Device Management is Booming
What I Read Over the Weekend
TBI Adds Voxox, MicroCorp Adds Alteva
Marketing is...
Schizoid Tails of the ILEC
Why Marketing Matters
Technology Channel Association Changes Taking Place
TelePartner Training
The Load on Cable
Netflix is Insight into VoIP Quality
Looking Beyond the Quarter (or the Month)
Vendor Buys Its Platinum Partner
Cloud Should Transform Business
Easing into Cloud Services
One Way to Differentiate
I Just Saved You Money!
New President and CEO at Microcorp
Basic Math on Sales Commissions
Lessons from a Poet
What The Channel is Selling
A Look at ShoreTel Numbers
More Big M&A Deals Announced
The UC Install Opprtunity
The Cbeyond Story
Telecom Transitions in Rural America
Notes from Metaswitch Forum
The Attack of the Sales Boob
The Hosted VoIP Crowded Picture
The Net Neutrality Debacle
More Music Chairs in Telecom
The Rather Silly But Sirius Sales Process
M&A Merger Rumors Abound
What's Missing in UC?
The One Pain in the Hosted VoIP Business
Things That May Interest You
The FCC Is Useless
What is Innovation?
This is How You Do Social Media!
Birch Buys Cbeyond
The Wearable Tech Futures
Why Pivot?
Thoughts on the Industry Right Now
Content Marketing is Huge
Hosted PBX Sales Increasing
What's the Skinny on M6 and the TDM Transition?
5 Tips to Get Out of a Sales Slump
Running Out of Salespeople
ISPs and Content
VADs, VARs and Cable: How Does That Work?
VARs Threatened by Agents
It Isn't About Quota
Agents Versus Brokerages
The ITSP Polycom Problem
What's Driving Data Center Investment?
No More Paying For Attention
Is Mark Cuban Right About the NFL?
True Ups Kill the Partner
A Few Pics from Enterprise Connect
Telesphere Goes Reality TV in Booth
What Can You Learn from Target?
When IT Skills Outrun Your Staff
Noction Gets Knocked Out
Where's the Sales Friction?
Gone Are the Gatekeepers
Scale Won't Fix Sprint
Would You Hire That Way?
How ShoreTel Broke M5
Telx Says They Love the Channel
Voxox Gets Original
Are Certifications Becoming Common?
AT&T: Transform from Agent to Provider
Verizon Says Pay Up (Cuz We Don't)
Channel Disruptions in February 2014
Speculations in the Hallway
Open Note to the Hosted PBX Crowd
Elements of a Kick @ss Team
The Fight Between Verizon and Netflix
The Channel is Shrinking
What to Do When Revenue is Flat?
Lots of Questions About CLECs
Channel Sales is Like Dating
If I Was Starting as an Agent Today
Seriously? Comcast Wants TWC
Personal Brand
Ring Central and J2 are Popping
Google Enters the Video Conference Space IRL
We Don't Have a Polycom or Dropbox Problem
Is Verizon Warring on AWS, Netflix?
Tidbits and Things Part 134
Does Broadsoft Have a Problem?
The Chatter is that 2 CLECs are Combining
AT&T To Take on OTT
Banking Today (facts)
There's No Such Thing as Free
Are CLECs Capable of Cloud Services?
Peak10 For Sale
Why Don't You Market Your Business?
It's Good to Know Your VoIP Numbers
Telecom Tidbits Part 133
The Internet Economy Took a Shot Yesterday
Don't Be Lazy in VoIP Sales
Where Is the Money in IT
Just Plain Craziness - and Charter-TWC
Net Neutrality Loses
4 Moves in January
Coolest Thing about 3-D Printing
WCS Buys Alteva Subsidiary
AT&T Buying Customers from T-Mobile
The Marketing to One
Pay to Play
Are You Missing the Point?
The Ridiculousness of My Cloud
The CLEC Cloud Cover
6 Actions for Your Business in 2014
Email Encryption on the Rise?
3 Top Trends That Will Affect Telecom in 2014
I am Not a Social Media Guru
Sales Tip: Focus on Outcomes
Lots Going On
Frontier Buying SNET
The Start-up Money Mentality
What to Do After Getting Shafted on Commissions
Agent Contract Terms
It Has Been an Eventful Year
Wanted Windy West Data Center
C Spire Nabs Alabama UC Player
Another Cloud Backup Service Closes
Cloud Companies Call for Surveillance Reform
Re-Vamping Telecom
Lessons From Avaya EPF
If Mobile is Everything
Channel Programs Have Changed
Short Week Musings
The Future is Now
Is Oracle Coming for Broadsoft?
Desktops Moving to the Cloud
M&A This Week
Video Closes More Business
When the Fun Left Telecom
What Do the Numbers Look Like
Why Our Duopoly Doesn't Work
UC Growth is Stagnant
The M&A in the Clouds
Big Changes Afoot at XO
One Year After Super Storm Sandy: Any Change?
Where's the Profit?
How To Raise Prices
Backing Up Terabytes
Another Event
Character Above All
Will UC Work or Is It a Question of Money?
Broadsoft is Now a SP
Broadsoft Alum Acquired by Fidelity
Roundup: TDS, Zayo, Birch and the Business Markets
Why Network Matters
Why Agents Should Be Pro-Copper
Savvis and Verizon Go Head to Head
Vocalocity Acquired by Vonage
The Value of UC
Channel Sales Enablement Part 5
TWC Surprises Everyone by Buying DukeNet
FCC Telemarketing Rules Change
The FTTH Expo in Tampa
RingCentral IPO and Other Activity
No More TDM
Big Data is Big Smoke
Senate Working on New Shield Law
Comcast and Synnex Equals Added Value
The FCC is Busy (Part 2)
The Strain on Linear TV
Do They Even Know Their Business?
The Cloud Service Brokerage Platform Business
It Had to Happen
Broadvox Sells Cloud Business to Fusion
4 Tips for Trade Show Booths
AT&T's New Partner Program
2 Week 19 Thoughts
The Two Colors of Telecom
Low Price Alone is Not Disruptive
CPZ: Cloud Analogy
I Wonder Sometimes
Moving Away from the PSTN
Verizon Fights FCC for Editorial Control of Internet
Malls Are Dying
4 New Items
Is It Really Cloud or Bust?
A Laborious Weekend for Bankers
Two Lessons From The Woz
Doubling Your Sales
The Power of Cable
Do You Have the Right Sales Team?
More Than Just VoIP Now
The Population Problem
Shiny Object Syndrome
Fastest Way to Raise Revenue
Some Ideas to Play With
What to Do About Dipping revenue and Profits?
Info You Need That I Didn't Blog About
Convergence is Upon Us
One Good Reason for CRM
The Snowden Effect (on Business)
The Lottery Mentality
The ITEXPO Preview
Video is Going to be Big
Channel Sales Enablement Part 4: Obstacles
A Look at Some Numbers
The 5 Things That make a Conference Great
Sales Fools
Linky Links
How Many VARs Are There Anyway
Channel Reboots
Summer Reading List
Converging At CompTIA
Should Hosted UC Providers Offer Network?
The Case Around Copper
If You Are Getting Beat on Price
Channel Sales Enablement: Part 3 Compensation
Keep It Simple
2 Studies and Some Tidbits
AT&T Taking a Leap
What to Do About Barnes & Noble?
1099 vs w2 is Value Versus Time
Cellco Networks Congested
Different Channel Partners Means Varying Obstacles
1K of Space
Channel Sales Enablement: Part 2
What's the Deal with WebRTC?
So You Want an A Team
Musical Chairs Won't Ungum the Works
Sheldon's Robot is Available for Purchase
Is it In the Cloud or For the Cloud?
What the heck is Channel Sales Enablement?
What's a VAR to do?
Get Ready Channel... Go Hosted!
Evolution of the White Board
Birch is Buying Ernest
The Master Model for Hardware
7 Reasons for Cloud Video
Will the NSA Hurt US Cloud Revenue?
The NSA Spying Scandal isn't New
9 Years Ago
Channel Conflict on the Rise
Go Deep, Not Wide
Doubling Your Sales
Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2013
Level3 Channel Chief Steps Down
VAD's Becoming CSB's
5.5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Vendor
10 Lessons from Volleyball, Part 2
The First Woman Chair at the FCC
Some Channel Changes
CloudTC and N-Able Acquired
Internet is like Electricity
4 Companies Own the Network
Do You Need a Coach?
10 Lessons from Volleyball
What Does Your Customer Want?
M&A: 3 UC Deals and a Cable
Are We Still Talking About the Phone?
Interesting Links for Your Consideration
One Deal And One Bullhorn
Business is a Thinking Man's Sport
2 Acquisitions
Some Tidbits About Cloud
Big Agent Win or Scam?
The New FCC Chairman Might be Biased
Serving the Volleyball
Coming at You Fast
What Happens When
The VoIP Market Right Now
The Cloud is like Chicken Wings
Florida Broadband Litigation Woes
Are Outages The New Normal?
No Need to Be a CLEC
Is The Market Ready for Hosted PBX?
Thoughts on the Channel in 2013
Selling Direct is Different Than Channel Sales
I Was All Set with SoftSprint
Big Changes at Broadvox
Level3's Storey
Who is Responsible for Sales?
Two Disruptive CEO's
Channel Shifts, Moves, Adds and Changes
Growing Out an IT Business
Finding Fault is Not a Job
Switchvox Team Leaves Digium
What Happened to Communicating?
Eat the Dog Food
Is the Channel Too Lazy to Sell Cloud?
The UC Space Right Now
What Did I Miss?
I Want to be the FCC Chairman
Sum of the Parts
Is the CMO the Toughest Job?
Getting Rid of Copper
Some Interesting Reads
It's All About the Customer
Monday Motivation
Complexities of Change
Transitioning to Cloud is Hard
The TCA Has a New Board
Are You Channel Ready?
Are the Telcos in Trouble?
Smaller is Better
Pieces of the Partner Puzzle, Part 1
Corporate Culture is Under-Rated
Sales is Tough!
Replacing Copper With Gold
Tidbits of News
Are You in the 5%?
Why is Telecom So Old?
Big Moves
The Cloud Communications Alliance in Clearwater
Blackberry's New Phone
Monday Morning Quarterback
CallWave Patent Suits and a Rumored Acquisition
Vidtel Makes WebRTC Available with MeetMe
Social Media Blurbs from ITEXPO
Is Cold Calling Dead?
A Spotlight on Women in the Channel
Everything is Changing, No One is Happy
SubOut is the Best of What Cloud has to Offer
Parallels, Cisco, Google and Panda
The Secret of Sticky
ITEXPO East 2013
VoIP in 2013
The Pivot to Attractiveness
Networking Tips for the Next Trade Show
Nutty News Monday
Am I Selling Cloud?
The War on Privacy
The US VoIP Report
We Start the Year With Mergers
Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry & Monopoly Power
Three Quick Thoughts on the Economy
It Starts With On-Boarding
Will 2013 Be the Year of the Broker?
Last Merger of 2012 - Maybe
Blunt Advice About Cloud for the Channel
Everyone Uses Conferencing
Predictions for 2013
A Little Bit of Tuesday News
2 Small Acquisitions
Fill 'Er Up
Cloudy Math
Regulating the Internet
RBOCs Declare War on CLECs
Beware of Cable
It's About Stats and Studies
The $14 Billion Dollar Announcement
Who Do You Want to Be?
Microsoft Lync in my Opinion
News Items for Your Viewing Pleasure
Telovations is Getting Acquired!
What You Can Learn From Romney's Campaign
All This Black Friday Talk
Moves and Changes This Week
Promises Broken and Unenforced
Play Bigger
AT&T's Big Investment
Being Choosy is Being Profitable
More on the Microcorp and TDMobility Deal
An Agent's take on Level3
Rule 1: Respect the Audience
Microcorp Partners with TDMobility
14 Words on Cloud
The Spoken Word
Will Sandy Rain on Cloud Adoption?
Tough Talk About the Channel - VARs and Agents
Best Practices for Webinars
It's All Just Shifting
Moves by AT&T
The Future of the Desk Phone
Your Cellphone is Spying on You
Zayo Grabs First
Where's Your Special Sauce?
The Changing VAR World
The New Job Marketplace
Three Big Jumps This Weekend
Money, Market, Launch - News
We Will Cost You Jobs
Why Do Agents Need Marketing?
ITEXPO West Wrap-Up
The Fall of the CLECs
Sprint Missed the Boat
Mobile Apps Are Not News
This May Hurt
Buying or Being Bought: Sprint
Some Moves That May Seem Like News
Things VAR's Will Love About Selling Telecom
A Different Take on Conferencing
Strategic Thinking Necessary for SPs
snom Takes an Aastra Approach
(Another) Cloud Survey
More Agents Getting Certified
Size Matters
Leveraging Cloud Solutions in a Service Broker Model
Selling VoIP and UC via Channel Partners
Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Options
The CLEC Space is Changing
Cloud Will Be About Integration
Typical Press Release
The Definition of Insanity
Retirement Planning for TDM
The Derby Capital Play
The VAR/Agent Comparison
The Renaming of Things
Equinix Sells Off Data Centers
Channel Moves
Brad Thor's Black List
3 Lessons From Radio Shack
Casting a Wide Net
The Moment of Truth in Sales
Flex Some New Muscles
What's Happening?
Offices Are Moving to the Cloud
Sprint Resells Cloud
Can You Beat the iPad?
Another Unpopular Decision is the Tale of the FCC
CenturyLink Merger Mania Does Add Up
One Promotional Minute
The Alternate to Cloud
Birch Grabs Another Small CLEC
TCA Moves
Data Tsunami
What Will Happen to the Gear Vendors?
Broadsoft Goes Direct?
Time is Fluid
The Cloudy Race to Zero
Snarky News Bits
It Isn't Easy Being an Agent
8.5 Things the Olympics Taught Me About Sales
Cloud Outages
Verbal One Year Contracts
Comcast Hits 300MB
Why We Don't Have Customer Service
You Can't Win on Price
It's Re-Fi Month
Strategy Matters
Is Cloud Just Hype?
On Mergers
7.5 Things Affecting the Channel
Top 10 Risks of Telecom
VoIP Moves Part 296
Women in Tech
What's Up With Level3?
The Fight Over Spectrum Dominance
A Parable about Outsourcing
HT Picks Off Big Competitor
Electrons Firing Randomly
Various Tidbits
Good News from CenturyLink Channel
Masergy Buys Broadcore
8,016 Reasons to Offer MDM
All About Low Price
A Moment About Phones
The Sales SWAT Team
What's Up With Private Line?
The Mobile Master Agent
Eat Your Own Dog Food
Microsoft Buys Yammer for $1.2B
Agent Exclusivity
8x8: The Channel View
Talking with the CMO of 8x8
My Favorite CRM Gets J2'ed
The VDI Trend
The New Channel Myth
So You Want to Speak at ITEXPO
The Replacements
Bad News
Crazy News Today
Easier to Use
Poll: Cellphone Features
AT&T Workers Walk
Broadsoft Enhances Trunking
The Patent Office
The Answer to Flat Revenue
The New VoIP Giant
Verizon is in the News a Lot
So Much Stuff I Can't Get To
Top 5 Reasons to Work With an Agent
JAB May Buy Keyon
Tidbits About the GC-L3 Combo
So Many Conferencing Options
Fiber and Data Centers
No Traction in Hosted PBX Market
Will It Rain for EarthLink in the Cloud?
A Lesson in Value Proposition
Combatting Mobile Data
No Special Sauce
Cellular Mayhem
A Day in My Brain
A Game of Risk
Sprint is Losing
Polycom Gets Some Cash
The Incumbent Mindset
A Frank Look at the iPhone
Duopoly Now Offering Home Automation and Security
Big Mac versus Hamburger
VoIP Termination Squabble
Cincinnati Bell to Spin Off Data Centers
Transactional Agents Called Names
Is it Cloud versus Agents?
What Competition?
WOW! to acquire Knology
What's With Wireline?
US Government Suing AT&T for Fraud
Basic Math for TNCI
Some Stuff Happened While I Was on Daycation
Why PR Is Important
What is the Value Prop of VoIP?
It's Not Just About Price
Get Off the Agents' Back
USTelecom Wants Forbearance for all ILECs
3 Billion Dollar Deals
Another iPad App
The Telecom Ecosystem is Shifting Rapidly
Dell Gets WYSE
What is the Market Expecting?
T-Mobile Layoffs Called FCC's Fault
Yet Another Video Conf Start-up
NetWolves Wins Managed Services Deal Worth $1.9M!!!
The Scoop on TDMobility
Comcast Versus Netflix
What a Crazy Monday
An Interview with StartMeeting
Zayo Buys AboveNet
EarthLink's Sweet Spot
So Are You Going to Sell VDI?
Is DSL Done?
Some VoIP Moves
Are Telcos Outside Their Delivery Zone?
The Channel Will Be Driving Sales
iPad, MDM and Other News
I Can Do It Myself
ITU Wants to Control the Internet
What Else Are You Going to Sell?
Where Will the Revenue Come From?
Churn Predicted by Social Influence
One Really Big VAR
Wi-Fi Only Phone Service?
Cbeyond 2.0
T-Mobile's Next Move
A Brief View of Integra Telecom
Why SIP Trunking is Not a PRI
What About Selling Cloud?
Telecom Tidbits on Presidents Day
Has Verizon Stopped Repairing Copper?
Channel Manager Best Practices
Enchanting Keynote at Parallels Summit 2012
Robocalls on Notice
Union Reacts to AT&T Layoffs
So Can You Re-Use Those Cisco Phones?
4G, 3G: Who knows?
What Twitter Told Me This Week
Why Did ShoreTel Buy M5?
5 Tips for Speakers
Social Media Channel Integration
Educating the Channel with Certifications
FCC is Busy!
FCC Rules on Rural
Verizon Puts the Move on Video
The ROI of the Show
Best Channel Managers
Correction: Savvis Comp
Day 3 at ITEXPO
Making Hosted UC Simple
M5 Bought by Shoretel
A Fun Chat with VAR Dynamics
Day 1 at ITEXPO
AT&T Archive Video
4 Examples of PR for PR Sake
It's a Mobile Monday
Look for me in Miami Beach Next Week
Privacy versus Security
The Trouble with UC Sales
VoIP Branding at its Best
Another Broadsoft Merger
End Caps
Woes: AT&T, Spectrum, Yahoo, RIM
What is it with Agents and the Web?
Thought of the Day
Trouble at Vu
Savvis Changes Comp Plan
The Whole Content System
The Lightsquared Predicament
Level3 2012 Channel Strategy
2 Data Center Deals and some links
And So The New Year Starts
3 Things Agents Need to Look at in 2012
Verizon's Bad Month
Agents Have to Transform in 2012 (or So I'm Told)
Are You Going to ITEXPO?
Why Berkeley Chose Google over Microsoft
Birch is Scooping up AstroTel
Lying Will Kill the Sale
4G is in Trouble
What is Wrong with AT&T
11 Top Stories in Telecom in 2011
The Advice Column
LightSquare, GPS, ADTRAN and West
Sprint's Spending on Marketing
A Final Note on ATT-T-Mobile
How Good is BYOB VoIP?
Why I Was Going to Run for Congress
MicroCorp Acquires Another
Mergers Cost Jobs
Sprint Deals With Clearwire
Lots of News (I Can't Cover in Detail)
Is All Broadband Going Metered?
A Lesson From Netflix for You
Letter to EMS Financial Customers
Well That Was Unsatisfying
Cell Phones Offer No Privacy
A Bad Day for AT&T
The Cellular Battle
L3 Sells Coal Mine
AT&T Sneaks One In
3 Things to Watch for in The Channel in 2012
Frontier Gets Cell Service, Agents Should Too
FCC's Small Biz Cyber Planner
3 Bills That ISP's Need to Be Aware of
What Will You Be Selling in 2012?
Lesson from the Penn State Scandal
Juniper, TWC Have a Bad Day
Presidio, Best Buy Make Acquisitions
Do You Need an Audit?
So Who is Going to Buy XO?
E-Solutions for Sale?
Can I Have Siri Without the iPhone?
EarthLink Buys Some Synergy
Channel Ethics: Part V
Agents Need Training
So PAETEC is in the WIND
There's No Spectrum Shortage
Zero Moment of Truth
4 Random Thoughts from a Telecom Show
Just Like Fishing
Oracle Says RightNow
Cramming Star
Smarter Ads
Some Have Reached The Peak
Business is Still Happening
Stranded Assets
The Telco Customer Experience
It's Monday So Lots Happened
Jobs Jobs Jobs
Will Paetec End up in the Wind
The Panel of 5
360, OpenRange and
What Does It Say About the Reseller Model?
WAN Optimization
How Do You Make it Rain in the Cloud?
Metaswitch is Blowing Up
To One of the Weird Ones
The Sprint Rumor Mill
MVNO and Name Changes
What Does an SLA Really Mean?
Sales is Not Marketing
Conferencing is on the Rise?
The Future of Media
There's Disruption Everywhere
Generating Leads Versus Branding
Data Centers Make the Big Time
Why is a Brand Important?
The Latest in VoIP Updates
Tech Data Becomes a Master
The Banker Speaks
The 1st CMO Summit
Why Attend ITEXPO?
I Think I'm Allergic to Power Point
Lessons in the Cloud
Point1 Joins Pac-West
Access Reform. Now, Please.
A Couple of M&A Items
What To Do in Austin Next Week
Why I Am Skipping Connections
Blockbuster Still Chasing Netflix
Is the Transactional Agent Model Sustainable?
Colo Agency is 45th
A Little Merger Opposition
Everyone is Looking to the Channel
The Leaked AT&T Document
What Did I Miss?
3 Weatherman and an Agent
The Phone System is Broken (too)
3 Reasons that Video Conferencing is Better than Travel
Does HP Have it Right?
Insight Finds a Buyer
I Guess Mobile is the Future
3 Reasons VAR's Should be in Austin
Lousy Tele-Marketing
How does the Verizon Strike Affect Agents
ABRY, Telx and other Monday Surprises
ITEXPO in Austin Will Be Hot
Domain-ers M&A
Too Much Going On
Are They Reading from the Same Playbook?
A Strange Way to Start Monday
CLEC Frustration Part II
CLEC Frustration with RCF
Sales Stalking
Hosted VoIP Valuations
Channel versus Direct
InterNAP Sweeps the Legs of Agents
How Not to Interact on LinkedIn
Ethernet is Spreading
Unemployment and the Digital Divide
Alteva Acquired by WVT
XO Comments on L3-GC but not T-T
SIP Trunking Deployment Lessons by XO
Riding the IPv6 Wave
Tidbits This Week 7-12-11
Another Hosted PBX Merger
Is Selling on Price Really Selling?
4 Notes About CRM
VoIP is Everywhere even at the FCC
Dimension Data Makes a Move
What You Can Learn from Blackberry
DISH Grabs Spectrum, Cable Goes South
TelePacific Nabs Another
Should Cisco Buy Level3?
Why Use an Independent Telecom Broker?
XO Has a New Channel Chief
GoDaddy for $2B?
Sprint/C-Link Talk
Is this a Master Agent Dilemma?
FCC Gets to Work on Cramming (and more)
Moving and Shaking the Industry
Craig's Lifetime of Customer Service
And So the Bankers Cheer
As TV Slows, The Cloud?
Growth Starts Here
Telecom Debt
VZW and the Open Spectrum
Service Provider Claims
Six More TCA Agent Companies Adopt CTP as Core Training Platform
Unbundling Cable
All Those in Favor
Cable is Different
Top 3 Things Affecting Your Agency
Are VAR's the New Agent?
Crazy News Tidbits
The State of VoIP
TDCloud Joins the Fray
The ATT-T-Mobile Merger Rumors
Quota Part Deux
Sales Quota Part 1
InterOp InterNAP Rumor (is False)
Why Accurate Paperwork is Necessary
Schools and Libraries are Off Limits
InterOp 2011 in Vegas
Losses and Growth
Mobile Coupons With Haneke Design
Fax over IP
Tele-Pacific Buys into Hosted
Who Got CommPartners?
So Clearwire is Still Doing Retail
Data Center Certs
The FCC is Reforming
It's Getting Out of Hand
CenturyLink Buys Savvis
A Message for Dan Hesse
VoIP Security Best Practices
The Inexpensive Cloud
Satellite Wants FCC Funds
Smoothstone Gets Bought
Grasshopper Co-Founder Talks Entrepreneurs
Starview Talks Prism
Rulings on VoIP All Over the Place
There's a New Sheriff in Town
Call Us Customer Experience
Cellular Mergers
VZ One Year
It Finally Happened
Some Good Books
A Failure to Communicate
DISHing Up a Blockbuster
One Quick Note About Cloud
Advice for College Students
VARs are Replacing Agents
Security VoIP and Otherwise
5 Reasons I Skipped CTIA
Marketing Hosted PBX with Kimber
A VAR's View from the Cloud
What is a Master Agent?
A Little Anti-Trust Rant
Local CLEC Sues Verizon for Anti-Trust
IBM's New(er) Strategies
A CDN With Channel?
Go Abroad
InterNAP Changes Channel
Lessons from the Keynotes
Progressive Mobile Tracker
Marketing Your ISP
More Spectrum, More Spectrum
The Big T
Business is Change
Talking with a Regional CLEC
A Look at B-Lynk
Super Charging the SIP Trunk
Overheard in Vegas
The Number from Above(Net)
NetWolves and AboveNet Combine with Agent
Broad Notes on Hosted PBX
No One Buys Without Trust
What's Up in Cellular Rumors?
Citrix Cash Machine
Thoughts on Deploying Cloud
VAR's in the Cloud with HyperOffice
My EarthLink Strategy
Big Q: How Do I ...
Why Do I Have To Give You That Info Again?
The Hosted UC Script
Dash CS to
How Important is Retention?
Thoughts from Social Fresh
VoIP Consolidation Well Underway
Consumer Telecom Dropping
Google Sued by VoIP
A Revolutionary Agent
A Mammoth Ethernet Movement
Level3 Channel Update
Keyon Marches On
Satellite Merger
Agent Podcast: Evan Gillman
Two More Acquisitions
Please Leave a Message
Agent Open Call
2011 Will Be Tough
Congrats to AT&T Partners
Quick LTE Thought
ITEXPO Dinner Plans
The Emergence of Cloud Telephony
TWC Snags Navisite
Verizon Changes Commissions
Changes in Customers, Changes in Attitude
TCA Announces Agent Education Series
VZ Buys Terremark for $1.4B
Free Conference Services Blocked
2 Questions for Kevin Martin
The Future of Bell DSL
The Customer Comes First
Bits and Pieces
Nine Minutes About SEO
The Winds of Change on The Channel
Not So Shocking News
It's the Content Stupid!
Cox Business on Hosted PBX Roll Out
Google Voice LNP Available?
This Week in Blurbs
PlanetOne Partners with AMEX
What Does That List Mean?
Simply Put: The Cloud
Get Your Net-Head On
Proceed With Coupon Caution
Rumor: VZW iPhone
The New New Telco
2 More Acquisitions
Smoothstone Has Patience with Sprint
ITEXPO East 2011
UC is on the Rise: No Kidding
Tom Peters on Sales
Net-heads Grab the Gold Ring
Merger Conditions for Comcast
Broadsoft's Second Offering
A Brief Talk with XO's Tom Gorey
Comcast-NBC Merger is Failure Two
Tele-Pacific Looking Wireless
FCC Net Neutrality
Let's Clear Up AT&T 4G
EarthLink Wins One
Contract Termination Class
Chat With JCurve About 2011
Expectations in 2011 with Jon Arnold
Did EarthLink Goof on Branding?
3 New Acquisitions
FCC Net Neutrality Proposal
What's It Take to be a VoIP Winner?
12 Things to Do at the End of the Year
Broadband Numbers Fall
What to Do With a Certified Agent?
J2 Buys Competition (and other M&A)
What's Your Spice?
Verizon Got a Bailout?!
Sub-Agent Basics
FCC and Net Neutrality
Selling SIP Trunking
Just Another Party Pooper
Why You Should Get Certified
The Buzz on UC is Over
DISH Bought a CLEC
The Certified Agent is a Go!
Comcast Making Waves
UC Won't Last
Dear PR People and Constant Contact
8 Questions for Cloud Providers
A New Case of Huh?
Satellite Spectrum is Beachfront Property
Cloudy With a Chance of Rain
What Strategy Will Be Used?
Podcast with Jon Arnold on Hosted UC
Renewals and Retention
Rural ILEC Strategy
My Take on Stocks
If Only the Presenters Improved
Ask Gives Up (and other news)
Big Challenge Selling Hosted PBX
What's With Clearwire?
You Can't Be All Things to All People
Not a Cloud in the Sky - Clear Sailing for M&A
TCA Certified Agent in Beta
I Cannot Keep Up. CBEY Maxes Cloud
Want to Buy Some Florida Fiber?
Geckotech Acquired by M5
Little Things To Keep You Informed
Basically The Cloud is
FCC and Broadband Growth
The Carlyle Group is on a Tear
The Cloud is For Agents, too
M6 Migration
What I Learned From the Locknote
Add Some Skinny to Broadworks
When the Cable Giants Wake
Easylink Buys Fax2mail
Day 1 Observations from Phoenix
The Pitfalls of Social CRM
FCC Chair Makes Key Points
Top 3 Ways Not To Interact with a Blogger
What's New to Sell?
Indirect versus Direct: the Financials
Lots of Shorts
4 Opportunities for Agents
Broadvox and Cypress: What Now?
Cloud Opportunities for Agents
What Have I Been Saying?
Broadvox Inks Deal to Acquire Cypress
Broadsoft Acquires Casabi
Is the Time Up on Colo?
Ignoring Reality
Where Can You Find Me?
Bundling for Stickiness
Time For VoIP Consolidation
3 Ways VARs Can Profit From Cloud
ROA and Moore
Wasted Ad Dollars
Net-Heads Versus Bell-Heads
This Week at ITEXPO
What if HP Became an MVNO?
EarthLink Acquires Deltacom
What to Ask Your Prospective VoIP Provider
The Channel and IP Comm
The Mobile Ecosystem Battle
Americans Agree the Internet is Working
So We Have These Mergers
Promiscuous Networking
TCA Announces Certification at Channel Chief Summit
A Few Days of News
Knology Buys Sunflower
COLOTRAQ Picks Up Slack
VZ Bumps Commissions Again
Paetec acquiring Cavalier
Sprint FMC Integration Service
CEO Moment
Bundling for Stickiness
The Channel Loses a Champion
More Trade Show Tips
Trade Show Follow Up
Net-Head Talking Coming Up
The Era of Freelancers
We're Sorry
What's Up with the New MegaPath
Cloud Computing for Beginners
CTIA: 50 Facts About Wireless
Google is Not Killing Voice
I Don't Understand M&A
Sales Effectiveness Review
How Long Can It Take?
My Negative Outlook
What's the SCORE?
Global Capacity Bankruptcy Notes
Startup Camp Announces Keynote
So Happy
Some Unsettling Numbers
3 Reasons I Get a Rash from my Industry
Who Will Own the Home Gateway?
Not a Political Piece
Wireless Combo is Merger 3
More Mergers
Cricket Brought Dave
Debt and Finances
Over 50 Ideas This Week
An Interview With Level3
Broadsoft's First Public Quarter
Do You Compete With Your Channel Manager?
Mergers Only Mask the Truth
Tele-Pacific Acquires Some O1
Channel a HyperOffice
TCA Adds MegaPath and Star2Star
Is Broadband a Utility Now?
Ethics of the Rolodex
Predictions 7 Months Later
Another LTE Player?
Losses All The Way Around
ReClassify the FCC
How Does This Keep Happening?
FCC Report of Obviousness
CPNI Training
Just Pointing It Out (part 644)
FiberNet Changes Hands (Again)
Really: PAETEC Sells Fixed Wireless
Not Exactly the Way to Sell SIP
MagicJack Merges With VocalTec
For All You iPhone People
Too Many Terms (Mini Glossary)
5 Prospecting Ideas
Things are Round and Round
So You Want Agents to Sell Your Stuff
Should You Blog?
Never Vote Incumbent
Seriously, More iPhone
Is There Profit In VoIP?
So How is VoIP Doing?
Two Mergers
The Green Zone Inside Out
Zayo Buys AFS
Is 4G a Game Changer?
What Makes a Good Master Agent?
Qwest Loses Forbearance
Is Rural Wireline Profitable?
3 Tricks to EoC
Billing is a Headache
How Much is Too Much?
50 Ideas in 50 Minutes
Marketing is Not Sales
7.5 Things to Consider about VoIP Providers
My Thoughts on the BSFT IPO
HDTV Experience
CommPartners BK
Is FiOS Crushing Verizon?
Not the Way I Saw It
Verizon Starts Blocking
A Big Outage Day!
The SMART System
Congressional Rural Broadband
As Switch & Data Becomes Equinix
No Wireless Competition
Rich Calling is Different
Let's Move Beyond Me2
Metered Data Begins
Do You KNow Your Broadband Speed?
Can Copper Turn to Gold?
What is With the FCC?
The Big Push to the Cloud
Another Digital Security Risk
Wild Wireless Winners
Rules of Engagement
Just a Reminder
What Happened to Redundancy?
Lit Building Strategy
Inside Wiring
GTT Balks on Acquiring GCI
Mobile Bill Made Simple
Is This The Right Move?
I Want To Work With You
The FCC is Rolling
What is the FCC Trying to Say?
The Numbers Don't Add Up
Re-Title the Internet
Chad Lives On
Sprint is its own Enemy
The VZW iPhone Rumors
Money Hours
So HP Buys Palm
The Landline Dilemma
Cloud Communications Alliance Interview Buys Jigsaw
Qwest Merging with CenturyLink
TCA Looking for a Few Good Agents
This is not a Phone Booth
HD Voice Coming to the Cloud
Big Changes at the Big Bell
Chatting with Jon Arnold
What Does UC Mean?
How Do You Raise An Ocean?
2G, 3G, 4G - All Fluff
TCA Channel Chief Summit
Why Buy From an Agent?
Mergers & Rumors
Tampa as an iPhone App Hub
An Interview with MegaPath
Independent ISP Wins County Broadband Grant
Covad Acquiring MegaPath
Ever Wonder?
ATC Assists TCA With Code of Ethics
USF now over 15%
Is Hosted PBX Like BPM?
VoIP Access Ruling
HD Voice is Supplied More Buzz
Brain Drain and TBTF
Our Economic Survival
VoiceCon and FISPA
Changing the Name May Not Work
Unbelievable Response
2010: The Year for CLEC's
GROWCO Tidbits
Is That a Rebate?
Ill. Judge Only Smart One
Broadband Speed Test
The Gap
Channel Chief Summit
A Message from the Fellows
Hosted versus Premise
TCA Agents Ratify Code of Ethics
Finding Your Best Clients
A Pocket MBA for the MSP
Blind Items
FCC, SBA Discusses Broadband
How Not to Sell VoIP
Channel Partners Need a Net-Head
Intelliverse Reverses Course
Reclaim Some VoIP Gear
Changing the Cable Channels
SEO and Google Dollars
Is Google a Thief?
What Do You Need to Know?
TEDx Tampa Bay: Happiness is the Key
How Do They Avoid Being Just the Dumb Pipe
Is it the Regulatory Environment?
ISP Sues ILEC for $10B
Endstream Plans
Freeside's new CEO
Mitel MVNO Means Money
Enterprise Cloud Computing Seminar
Which Docket, Dave?
Can You Stop Billing Me?
Is This a First?
Chasing the Points
Comcast Buys NGT
VoIP Via Affiliate
Latisys Lands a Rockstar
SayHired at Startup Telephony Camp
XO Channel Exec Changes
Wow Mobile: Another Scheme
Shouldn't It Be Profitable
Bandwidth is Finite
Cloudy Thought
Winning the Battle for SMB VoIP
The Social Media Panel Wrap Up
How to Leverage Social Media for a Marketing Campaign
Making Money in IP Communications
Mzima and PacketExchange Merge
New Edge Drops Wholesale
Broadband is Flattening
Will Reliability Be a Factor?
Stalled Stimulus of Broadband
Applying Gary Vee
Google VoIP
Setting the Sail for Service Providers
Visit Me at ITEXPO at a Discount
Fostering Broadband Competition
Deltacom Terminates Referral Program
Why You Are Going to Need The Channel
Broadband Stimulus in the Middle Mile
New Year's Resolutions Going Social
What Matters Now
It's The Customer Experience Stupid
Why Should an Agent Rep Your Stuff?
Cellular Blues
Is Cable-like TV Almost Extinct?
Will You Be Extinct?
A Few Words with ACC
Why is selling Hosted PBX so hard?
A Few Words with COLOTRAQ
Intelliverse Shifting Focus
Battle of the Maps
Were There Highlights in 2009?
Windstream Grabs Another
Battle of the Bells
Best Practices for the Channel
Open Neutral Fair
Mainly Cellular News Tidbits
The Niche Game
Unsubscribe and Permission
A Very Specific Target
IS MPLS HIPAA Compliant?
Onboarding a VoIP Customer
Where Has the Integrity Gone?
Gary Kim: How Not to Sell Hosted VoIP
Telecom Takeover Tuesday
HD is like Fax over IP
Pimping Your Product
NYT Explains Traffic Pumping
A Profitable Bundle
Microcorp Announces Commission Insurance
The User Experience
A Collision is Coming
Cloud Computing Keynote Thoughts
Off to the Phoenician
Another VoIP Patent
Equinix Buying S&D
PBX Box Pushing
Microcorp Agent of the Year
FTC Blogger Guidelines
VoIP Providers in the Channel
Top Trends for Agents
How to Optimize a WAN
Personal Branding for Agents
One on One with Agents
The iPhone Reputation Dilemma
Social Media Preso for FISPA
Ma Bell Versus Google
Nice Folks at FusionTel
Telecom Billing Issues
Thoughts about UC
Pouring Billions
Hulu Killed the TV
But It's In the Tariff!
New Sprint Rumor
SUTUS Does an Upgrade
ADTRAN Teams with TBI
Channel Shift
Only 2 Rounds of Broadband Stimulus
Contract Law and Bad Advertising
Can You Scale?
CLEC Strategy Thoughts
Telesphere Bought UBN
Is the BSA Relevant?
UC is like a Gym Membership
Trends for 2010
Could They Make It Any More Difficult
Leveraging CDNs to Maximize Network Efficiency
Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions
Interview with Level3's Schlagbaum
One Phone Soon?
Have You Considered This?
Leveraging CDNs to Maximize Network Efficiency
Developing Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions
Carrier IPT Down
PCI Compliance in the Cloud
People Won't Pay
IP Phone Reviews
Social Media is Like Dating
Sprint and Virgin Mobile
The New FCC on Apple about VoIP
Verizon Profits Down
Is Cbeyond in Trouble?
Nortel Being Sold Off
It's an AT&T Monday
Is Zer01 Crashing?
The Stimulus Spend is Opportunity
Add Voice Apps in Minutes
Occam Podcast about the NOFA
Alphabet Soup in Broadband
Grande Communications is being Acquired
Is Cellular the new Crack?
UCF Should be like Speeding
A New Breed of VAR in the Cloud
Google Giving Voice to Startups
Verizon's Forbearance Strategy
Global Capacity Maxes Out Capital
USF and Rural Reform
Bells Giving Up on Landlines?
Why Can't DC See What We See
What Are You Selling?
Marketing Outrageously
How the Mighty Fall
XO all about Expansion in 2009
What Does Partner Mean?
Wouldn't Eminent Domain Work?
The UC Conversation Continues with XO
XO at the Tech Data Expo
Usage Based Billing Rant
Broadband Funding Round-Up
Twitter Exchange on Arbitrage
Customer Service Hall of Shame
Whitacre Running GM
Dangling Phone Numbers
VoIP Is Taking Off
One Cool Ad: SIP TREK
Birch Ownership
Cool Ad Campaign
TW Spinning AOL Out
IVR is Booming
8x8 Co-Brands Aastra Phones
VOIP Patent Settlements
Email Overload or Bankruptcy?
Data Center of the Future
Who says the FCC is cleaning up USF Abuse?
Cloud Storage by Mail
A Little eXpresso?
A Rural Super Carrier?
Start-up Venture Capital
Will Verizon Agents Get Screwed Again?
VZ Gets Rid of 13 States
Why HD Voice?
It's Not the Technology, Stupid!
Level3 Needs Your Help
Windstream Buys ICP
Alltel Assets Going to AT&T
Bright House Digital Experience
Can UC Save You Real Dollars?
Who Do Rumors Benefit?
Qwest LD For Sale
So You Want to Go Retail?
TCA: Top 5 Sales Practices
Dear Small Customers
VoIP in the Channel: You Need a Complete System
What About AOL?
The Ultimate Hosted VoIP Service
When Will Level3 Pull the Trigger?
Broadband is Productivity
Nothing but Headlines: DPI, Caps, Clearwire
Data Center Rumors
Hosted VoIP Can Save You Money
Compare the RBOC Profit
AT&T Closing CallVantage Service
IT versus PBX
What the Heck is UC and UD?
CIO's Top Tech Investments
Telcos on twitter
Why Security Will Be Priority 1
Video Competition at the FCC
FCC Broadband Policy Beginnings
Mobile VoIP is a Problem
Caught My Eye at VoiceCon
Are You Still an ILEC Agent?
How Many Minutes?
Merger Rumors Abound
Duopoly against the City
Telecom is Broken Part III
UGC for AT&T
My 3 Days in Internet Marketing
YouTube, Goodspeed and Brogan
Sign of the Times
Will the Dial-Up Trend Affect VoIP?
Strickling to Head NTIA
IBM's Open Cloud Manifesto
VoiceCon and Other Trips This Month
7 Steps to Better SIP Security on Asterisk by JT
Telecom is Broken Part II
CLEC Therapy III
The Energy Game
Paetec Owns Some Wireless
12 for 12k for Child Hunger Today
Times They are Re-Channeling
Acredo Lays Off Staff
Top 3 Reasons its Hard to Sell SAAS
Can You Guess the Carrier
Where's ACC Business Going?
Google Voice Ready to Launch
Correction on Airband
AT&T Striking and Hiding
LTE and WiMax in 2010
Level3 Board Selling Shares
What Would You Do?
When the Agent Contract is Broken
Biz Travel Trends Are Annoying
Airband Says Bye-Bye to Channel
The Future for COMPTEL
Jaduka lands Mr. Mashup
Two Big Problems in DC
Embarq Changes Recurring Conditions
Working Channel Partners in Vegas
An Excel-lent SUTUS Bundle for SMB's
IBM Finds Telco Changing with SoComm
SAAS for Agents
Reignmaker Smashed by Standford
NENA 911 for Multi-Line Systems
FCC is 75 Years Old
HD Medical Video
SMB Nation VoIP Survey
Is Broadband No. 1 in America?
6 Questions when Choosing a VoIP Provider
Commission Dinging
Hot off the Twitter Press
Level3 Profits
TW Splitting Up with Cable
Nuvox and Google Team Up
More Agents or Lift the Ones You Have?
Video Calling Coming
Resellers on SIP Trunking
The Voice of Megapath is a Duet
Live from Miami
FCC Needs Change
Video Crosses the Chasm
Sutus Delivers a Stimulus Plan of its own
VAR's Optimistic
Where's the Beef in Mobile VoIP
IT Expo in a Week
Where is Dan Morford?
Top 5 Ways to Improve Agent Training
Agents Need to Morph into a VAR
Broadband Stimulus Bill details
VoIP and the Economy
Voice Traffic Today
TelePresence with WBS Connect
A Very Online White House
Kushnick on the Broadband Plan
Broadband Stimulus Bill
Charter and Nortel
Is Verizon Serious About the Channel?
A Day of Collaboration
Dave's Advice to Agents
New FCC Chair Coming
Another look at AFS
VoIP: Dead or Alive?
Subsidized 3G Netbooks
Effect of Broadband on the Economy
Customer Retention is Job 1 for Agents
The Road Ahead: Telecom Agent Keynote
Bell-Head versus Net-Head
Aastra's New Line of Phones
Asset Management for Money
Level3 Financial Update
Level3 Stock in Trouble
IT Industry Groups Announce Membership Agreement
5 Soft Phones
Business Advice
It's Official: Sylantro Bought by Broadsoft
RapidLink Data Center Opens
Working By Committee
Broadsoft Buys Sylantro
Agent Association on the Move
On a Qwest for Less Comp
What's With Apple?
Cluetrain Manifesto
Tampa Bay Connections
The Nortel Tale
20 Sites for Job Seekers
IT Folks Chatting About Communications
Microcorp Insite is Insightful Now
The VoIP Channel
i3 Networks Closing
Crowded and Confused Markets
Fairpoint Rural IPTV
Internet Access Stimulus
NebuAd and Phorm
Is there any value left to Telecom?
2008 Florida New Economy Index
Follow up to a Typical Situation
The Pain of The Switch
Internet Will be Full by 2012
Qwest Referral Changes in 2009
AIS is San Diego Collocation
Are You The Next Sue Crawford?
Doing Extra Business
Is the $100 Triple Play viable?
Typical Situation
Big Failures
Bandwidth Caps
The IP Resale Tumble
Spam Response Rate
Fiber Lit Buildings
Obama and NAB
ISPCON this week
Telecom Peek
Where Does AT&T Get the Money?
Best VoIP Commercial Ever
One More Race: Wi-Fi
Glaxo Cutting Salespeople
It's Going to be Limiting
Historic Moment
FCC Voted Today too
The Rotten Apple in the Channel
Deep Dive on Blogging
Frontier Adds a Cap
Delisting Notices to Vonage, Circuit City
Cogent and Sprint De-Peer
FCC Demands VoIP E911
$1000 Airfare
Logitech buys SightSpeed
Call for Telecom Startups
Sprint is at risk of default
Every Where But Here
"Licensed-Lite" White Spaces by WISPA
Light in the Tunnel
FCC Doing Heavy Lifting
Is Nuvox Buying One?
Differentiation Part II
BarCamp Tampa Bay
Sequoia's Message to Start-ups
IMS isn't Killing It
Here's a Tweet
Cellular Numbers
Interviews Coming Soon
Online Music
Pandora Wins Support
Bandwidth isn't free
How Come VoIP isn't Killing It?
Where's the growth?
Politics on the Internet
FTC Red Flag Rules
Keynoting for ADTRAN & XO
Dialogic Partner event
Invitations Noise
Best Kept Sprint Secret
Cisco is Jabbering
Congrats to Thomas Howe
Art of Peering
IT Expo Update I
Largest Press Room Ever
Social Networking Blundering
What a Crazy Wall St. Monday
Click to Give
FCC Grants Reporting Forbearance
Best Use of the Internet
Yammering about Tweet
Tele-Presence versus Video Conferencing
Creating Telecom Union
Network Management, DPI, Whatever
Intro to Peering
Travel or Virtual?
Fake FCC Sites
I hate this guy
Do You Work on Encrypted VoIP?
GenBand's M6 Acquired by Broadsoft
Startup Success book
SPIT and Vomit
PR Machine in Full Swing
Hotspot Revenue
Thunder and Lightning and Sun
LightYear Wireless MLM
PCI Compliance: Best Practices Webinar
Metaswitch not a Coppercom
Who's Winning Consumer VOIP Battle?
Just SIP It
Cable Takes Some Punches
VOIP Company Numbers
11 Ways to Market Your Event
Payroll by Ma Bell
How Safe is the Cloud?
Will Sprint Sell Nextel?
Jajah Translates
The Baller Herbst Report on Broadband
People Don't Understand Me
A Secret to Hosted PBX
Telco TV
FCC, Comcast and Muddy Water
Is Ma Bell Looking to the Sky?
Advertising, Revenue and Content
Lessons from Jack
Interesting blogs
What's Next for AOL?
All Depends, Doesn't It?
Thinking about VoIP for the show
Telco by the Numbers
And the BK Starts
All They Want is Sales
AT&T Profits from Forebearance
Interns, Mentoring, and Your Company
Dr. Reed in The House
40 Hour Work Week
Why Twitter
OCS in the Sandbox
Broadband Corruption?
VZ R&D is Court
Dvorak Likes Shrink Wrap
Wasted Ad Money
The Last Lecture
PCI Compliance
NebuAd under Deep Inspection
Flat Markets
Are You Equipt?
Ma Bell Doesn't Care
More Communications Apps
Helio sold to Virgin
VZ-NJ vs. TeleTruth
Double Dip in LA
DSL Anti-Trust
FISA Compromise Bill
What Do They Do?
Wow! FCC Sides Against Verizon
International Minutes
The Billion $ Big Deal
LinkedIn Groups
Secret Rooms
Job Hunting
4 Hour Work Week
ISP throttling and DPI
768k - now that's fast!
Why Hasn't SAAS Taken Off
SAAS and Security
When to SAAS
Social Media for Branding
TWC Metering Bandwidth
Verizon Rumors
PR Folks... Listen Up!
The IT Oil Effect
WISPA Ratifies New CALEA Standard
No Holds Barred Proxy Fight
Bandwidth Hogs
PM and Collaborate
Is Peering Breaking Down?
The Playbook
More Video
The Microsoft Response Point
Digital Life with no insurance
IP - no the other IP
OpenID and Vidoop
Satellite Radio
Bandwidth Pricing
Lobbying and FISA
There's a crowd in the SMB Space
Buzzed WiMax
Secret Portals
Muni Wi-Fi is Dead!
Sprint is Done
No Privacy Anymore
Back from Vegas
Office 2.0
Social Networking is the Craze
Converged Savings
Verizon, Fairpoint Finance Dance
Microsoft and SAAS
Is Telecom Broken?
Web Apps - IP and Privacy
FOWA wrap-up
FOWA Miami
FOWA: Nokia night
Sprinting Where?
Widgets, Back-up, and stuff
The FCC's Agenda
C-Beyond Expectations
March is Road Trip Month
What's on your Radar?

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