Is Ma Bell Looking to the Sky?

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Is Ma Bell Looking to the Sky?

Over at Xchange magazine, Bob Wallace writes about the possibility of Ma Bell buying one of the DBS companies. Since Murdoch owns DirecTV and he fought so hard for it, I don't see him giving it up.

However, DISH did split its business into wholesale and retail divisions to make room for a sale. And they did have a subscriber loss this quarter. But with $2.9B in quarterly revenue, how does Ma bell afford it after all its acquisitions and its CAPEX spending needed to complete U-Verse and Internet backbone builds?

Both DISH and DTV provide service to RBOCs.

Does Ma Bell want to go back into the TV game? Remember that AT&T, the IXC, bought TCI (Liberty Media) and MediaOne in 2000? It was a mess.

There's a reason that MSO's outsource digital phone service. Stick to your knitting. Bell-heads barely understand IP let alone multi-cast and DOCSIS.

My prediction: Ma Bell will make a bid for DISH but it won't win it.

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