Ma Bell Versus Google

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Ma Bell Versus Google

It's funny to watch Ma Bell fight Google, because Bell isn't used to fighting another company that also has billions of dollars - and millions of users. No CLEC was ever this big - nor cable company. And Google is kind of both -- or at least that is what Ma Bell is crying to the FCC about. 

Google has more video on YouTube than any DVR or cable company can match currently. Google Voice is the online VoIP service many people wish that an innovative telecommunications services company would have delivered years ago.  But Ma Bell isn't innovative. heck, they don't even own the Labs any more - that went out with Lucent.

PC World has some coverage of the fight. The LA Times and 399 other news sources wrote about the complaint. Many in the blogosphere think that this is just AT&T's way to deflect the FCC from pinning them to the ground and perhaps delay a Network Neutrality NOI.  

Google responded on their blog quickly. 

Note to Randall and Crazy Ivan:  Consumers just want you to be a fat pipe to the inter-webs. Not the Weight Watchers version you currently offer and over-charge for. A 10MB super-info-highway. Get out of the way! We want to choose our own content, apps, and Layer 7 providers.  You had your chance, but as always greed kept you from doing anything. Heck, you are closing the doors on CallVantage on Oct. 20. And that was such a great service. (Oops, did I just say that?) You could have givrn us Google Voice just like you could have given America fiber-to-the-home in 2000 when you promised many states you would if they would let you have a rate hike. 

Keep pouring those billions into TV and 4G. If Sprint and T-Mobile could get out of their own way, they would own your ass already.

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