Frontier Gets Cell Service, Agents Should Too

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Frontier Gets Cell Service, Agents Should Too

Frontier Communications has inked a deal to be a channel sales agent for AT&T for voice and data cellular plans, as reported by the Fool. "This was a natural extension of a product that we are not currently offering that would fit well with our product suite," Steve Crosby, Frontier's senior vice president of government affairs and public relations. At least they realize that cellular is an important part of the total telecom send. Do you?

When master agent,TBI, launched its SAAS-based TEM platform, Geoff Yearack, director of TBI's wireless division, stated that it was a way to aid agents with getting some of the wireless spend of clients.

Agents have to start looking at ways to get more of the telecom wallet as that budget is absorbed into the IT budget. The simple approach is to offer TEM to your clients. Another approach is to offer asset management. To tie into cyber-security, laptops, data cards, mi-fi gadgets, tablets and smartphones not only need to be tracked by businesses but secured against data theft and loss.

Cbeyond, XO, TelePacific and other CLEC's are offering cellular plans in conjunction with Dynamic T1 and other services. With the average T1 price at an all time low, it's one way to increase ARPU or MRR -- and in turn, increase commissions.

Sprint recently raised $4B in a debt offering in order to pay for network upgrades for "iPhone and its Network Vision network modernization plan". Rumor is that some of it will be used for Clearwire build-out, which seems likely given that Clearwire has some of Sprint's spectrum and has been Sprint's 4G partner. How do you hang that up now? But it goes to show that even after the billions already spent by the the cellcos - VZW, ATT, Sprint, Clearwire, and even MetroPCS - billions more will have to be spent to -- not buy more spectrum -- but to just deploy the spectrum they are currently sitting on, for tower backhaul and for network management. Big pie there that Agents need to take a piece of.

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