Well That Was Unsatisfying

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Well That Was Unsatisfying

Tuesday night was kind of the last straw. While watching CinemaNow through my LG Blu-Ray player, the movie - 30 Minutes or Less - must have stopped to buffer 10 times and actually stopped 3 times - in 90 minutes!

I called my ISP, BHN of Tampa Bay, which is always interesting. First, they remotely re-boot the modem. Then you call back if that didn't fix anything. Then they make you do a speed test from their local site, which showed 8 MB x 0.8 MB. As I explained to tech support, that test doesn't mean anything except that last mile is good. I'm testing from Tampa servers that are On-Net! Then I tested with the FCC speed test site and DSL Reports test, which all gave different answers. Natch.

So the tech sets an appointment for today. "Maybe it's the modem." The tech shows up, looks at the modem and my router, and has me run a speed test from BHN. It comes back at almost 10MB x 1MB. "We're good here," he says and starts to leave. "What?!" I said. "I'm just the middle man here. The test shows you are getting your speed." with that he left.

The speed test only tests last mile - the controlled loop that is On-Net. The Internet is off net! My issues are that I have congestion to most streaming sites, which means that BHN network management is pretty poor. I don't know if they peer with YouTube or Level3 or Limelight or if they purchase transit from Level3, but that pipe is maxed out.

I get a mailer from VZ thrice a week to move to FiOS.


I pay $141 for triple-play plus an extra IP and the HD DVR. Granted the VZ price will be over $100 with fees, but I will get the NFL Network just in time (BHN doesn't carry it) and maybe an a better Internet experience. Who knows? The downside is that it will take VZ two days, a lot of holes in my walls and 4 pieces of equipment to install it.

Without a bundle, like buying DirecTV and Internet separate, the consumer gets raped. Way more than $100 per month.

I don't mind paying the money --- just give me what I pay for! BHN in 2 years has replaced the set-top box twice and visited 3 other times now. That's expensive for BHN and no fun for me. BHN didn't even try to upsell me to wideband or lightning or anything.


Today, VZW announced that it will buy SpectrumCo.'s 122 advanced wireless services (AWS) spectrum licenses, covering 259 million users, for $3.6 Billion. SpectrumCo. is a joint venture between Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks. This deal needs FCC approval.

Does this mean that cable is giving up on 4G? No. According to the BizJournal, the cablecos will become authorized agents to sell VZW products -- and at a future date become wholesale customers (MVNO).

FYI, ISP's are going about data caps the wrong way. Nice article.

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