Brad Thor's Black List

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Brad Thor's Black List

I like spy novels. Since James Bond, I have been reading spy novels from Ludlum, Lustbader and Jack Higgins. The new breed of authors in this gnre are very good - Barry Eisler, Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, Brian Haig, Randy Wayne White and David Hagberg. When I was reading Richard Clarke's novels, it was said that sometimes you get more truth in fiction than non-fiction. Sometimes I don't know where the fiction ends. This is certainly true in Brad Thor's latest book, Black List.

Thor has a list of books and articles that point to Total Surveillance on his website. After 9/11, the US starting giving away liberty in the pursuit of security theater - and we as Americans stopped questioning our government. Everything has been turned into two things: It is in the interest of National Security or Aren't you a Patriot?

Thor drops a remark about the US being in a permanently renewed state of emergency since 9/11. (I can't confirm it.) Then the comment about why no one questions GPS in all devices despite the fact that the DoD (Dept. of Defense) owns the GPS system. We even give up privacy and freedom for convenience. OnStar is lojack, cell phone and GPS in one -- tracked by your car! Google has a profile on every user, predicting your every move. And.... Google voice = Free voiceprint recognition for NSA. Facebook tracks you even when you log off!

Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make - 14 New Ways That The Government Is Watching You. I won't be sleeping this week. This stuff terrifies me, because the people in DC scare me. They are dim, not doing their job, and owned by the very people they are supposed to protect citizens from. Oh, and Power Hungry! Because who is watching the NSA?

The RNC 2012 in Tampa was just another chance for DHS (Homeland Security) to try out its latest toys as well as its power in making protestors irrelevant. Let's not forget about the drones, being launched from 63 sites.

What does this have to do with telecom? Well, a couple of things, including the Kill Switch, cell phones and the digital splitters.

The whole AT&T was tapped by the NSA never received the outrage I thought it would. Citizens have turned into sheople. In fact, one might say that the lost war on drugs, the crappy education system, the increased poverty, and even the use of social gaming (using gay marriage to deflect from real issues for example) - are all just ways to keep the masses under control. Tapping the Internet backbone at core POP's certainly helps the NSA and the Total Information Awareness project collect every website, tweet, email, and like you send over the TCP/IP. Then you get the power structure of AT&T, Facebook and Google to collect even more data per individual and hand it over.

Here is the funny part of the book - oh, wait, not funny, frightening - at any time, with all that data, you can be labeled a terrorist and poof! gone. No rights under the Patriot Act and other edicts. They can kill you without a trial.

One thing that the Powers That Be learned from Arab Spring is that they need a Kill Switch for the Internet. Too much free thought on those inter-tubes. Open communication can give way to resistance. The Congress Critters would gladly sign that bill just for some more dough to run for re-election, since most of them know nothing about the Internet (except for Weiner's weiner).

The PTB even have the Cell phone companies profiling, logging and tracking your every move through that smartphone with GPS and a hundred leaky apps! It has become a revenue stream for the cellcos - they charge per wiretap! [Remember AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile were using CarrierIQ?]

Prediction engines are almost to the point of turning the US into the Minority Report! - closer and closer to thought police. I'm going to finish Brad Thor's book and figure out how to diminish my online footprint.

Ask yourself this: Why does an FBI agent's laptop have 12 million Apple ID's on it?

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