The Future is Now

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The Future is Now

I got to listen to Jack Uldrich keynote the Bradenton (FL) EDC event last night (thanks to Bright House Networks). Uldrich is a futurist and a good speaker.

When you examine all the trends that are happening right now - nanotech, M2M, 3D printing, robotics, computing power & devices, ubiquitous access to the Internet, genomics - we are the beginning of the revolution - not the middle or anywhere close to the end. These things are just beginning.

Uldrich pointed out that in the movie, Wall Street, Michael Douglas's character, Gordon Gekko, used a Motorola cell phone in the film. In 1987! He was one of maybe 0.1% of the population that coulod afford to buy a cell phone for $5K and pay for usage. Twenty five (25) years later, people have more access to a cell phone than clean drinking water. There are 7 billion people on this planet and 6 billion of them have access to a cell phone (only 4.5 B have access to toilets). From 1987 till now, the cell phone went from $5K to $1 - that's right, you can get a basic phone for about a dollar (as I have been told by a number of people deploying them in Africa).

You can ignore social media if you want, but it is here to stay. Twitter data is used for so many things - including crisis crowdsourcing for the USGS.

I'm not a fan of Google Glass, but I can't stop the development of ways that Google Glass is going to change medicine, learning and more. (It is going to create a society of self-absorbed clowns worse than today with everyone's nose stuck in a device.)


Don't be like newspapers who were mad at Craigslist and Google for stealing billions in value from their businesses. Realize NOW that things are changing fast - Wearable Tech anyone?! - and some changes will wipe out your industry before you know it. Pay attention.

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