Marketing is the Difference

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Marketing is the Difference

There has been a wave of stories about the lack of marketing in tech/IT/telecom. I mention it all the time - and twice last week (here and here). But there was at least one other mention (here and here) about how since most (in this case) MSPs don't market themselves, a little marketing can go a long way. I think that is true for any regional telecom or tech business.

Local marketing can work to your advantage well with a small budget and some effort.

The opposite is also true: if you don't market - especially online - you won't even be considered in the conversation.

Biggest thing I hear from salespeople is that the prospect never heard of them -- the prospect didn't know that they had a choice beyond the Duopoly.

AOL still has 2.2 million subscribers paying them an average of $20 because they have marketed their dialup as a bundle of membership services. That is marketing.

A couple of articles today suggested that the data storage space is approaching zero. What do you do when you can't make money on your primary or original service? How do you position against FREE? How do you differentiate your bundles in a Freemium model?

It is rarely ever about the tech. It is about the story.

The Apple watch is not tech. It is a story that the buyer is telling himself about owning one. Now THAT is marketing at work.

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