By the Numbers

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By the Numbers

Some interesting stats I have seen.

Saw stats that Vonage has 514,000 business seats.

"Birch recently announced the addition of 80,000 buildings to its Metro-Fiber network in November 2015." I wonder which cable provider they signed a wholesale agreement.

"Broadvoice brings its significant growth trajectory to the initiative: It serves more than 200,000 customers, with its business segment growing by 125% in 2015 alone." [CV mag]

In the same press release, "The company recently signed its first national master agent, Sandler Partners, giving it an increased footprint of 3,000 technology sales partners across the country." 3K partners with one master agency? That would mean that master has the entire attendee list of Channel Partners Expo in Vegas with signed agreements in its CRM.

Windstream is raising rates on sub-$1500 accounts - to make them profitable - or to shed them? Apparently shedding some of them according to CRN.

from my LinkedIn feed today*, here's a some stats about AWS:

  • AWS is now a $7.3 billion business, generating a $1 billion run rate on its database business alone
  • AWS has more than 1 million active enterprise customers
  • AWS has grown 81 percent year-over-year growing among cloud-based storage providers, processing and database services
  • About 800 software vendors integrate with AWS in 25 different categories
  • In Q2, Amazon reported AWS net income of $391 million on $1.8 billion in sales

*I don't know who to attribute it to because I lost it in the feed, which is an absolute mess and has no search function.

Sears is closing 50 stores. Wal-Mart is closing 154 stores in the US. Macys is closing stores. Do you see a trend here? What happens to shopping when it is mostly online/virtual? What happens to malls? And most important what happens to JOBS?

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