Can You Say More M&A?

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Can You Say More M&A?

I think I left off with this week with CenturyLink buying NetAura. There's more.

Have not heard this brand in a while: BROCADE. Where have they been? I guess they needed to make some noise, so they are buying Ruckus Wireless for $1.2 Billion. "Brocade now has the ability to offer expanded Wi-Fi services to its customers, and given that Brocade is a fairly major name in networking, having that extra service to offer should be regarded as a value point." Managed wi-fi is a big money maker for Brocade competitors Cisco and ADTRAN.

Good read about Apple becoming a services company. IBM and GE learned this years ago: You can't be a consumer products company, I guess (unless you are P&G). All about the M-R-R, but more about creating an ecosystem to compete with Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Despite being acquired themselves, Ingram Micro is still buying companies. Following the NETXUSA buy, Ingram is now snatching up ENSIM. This will boost its cloud applications business that rides on Parallels, a company they at first invested in, then acquired. And cloud apps is where the new money is.

One regional acquisition today, 2 CLECs I know well got married:

Hunt Telecommunications, LLC, a regional fiber optic and cloud services provider, and Nexus Systems, a regional integrated communications provider, are pleased to announce a definitive agreement to merge companies. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2016. Both boards have approved the agreements. Now just waiting on regulatory approvals.

This merger creates a significant provider of core communications infrastructure services in the state of Louisiana. These services include fiber to the business, IP connectivity, next generation voice services, colocation and cloud services provided to leading businesses, schools, government agencies, and carriers in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast.

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