What Does Hybrid Cloud Look Like?

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What Does Hybrid Cloud Look Like?

Every business has a Hybrid Cloud environment. Yep. Just about all of them. So all this hype about hybrid cloud is just that... Hype. Let me explain.

In 2003, a business would have ACT! CRM installed on one computer. They probably ran Hosted Exchange from an MSP, but had MS Office with Outlook on most computers. They probably had a website and used ADP for payroll. And maybe they had a file server running either Novell or Windows NT.


ADP at one time said they were the first cloud application. Email was probably the first public cloud application that most people used. (There were others before that.) The website is on a public cloud. So there are 3 apps running in the public cloud arena.

The file server and ACT! are running in the local LAN - or what we call today servers in the data center, even if that data center is a closet. That is the private cloud. The MSP is running MS Exchange in his data center on his private cloud, sotospeak.

Today, SAAS like Salesforce and Microsoft Office365 are public cloud apps. The data center is now a colocation in a data center. The company might use AWS or S3 for file storage. Azure or Google Compute for storage or apps. The Hybrid Cloud scenario is more defined today and a little more complicated,e specially if you throw in some VPS or IAAS platform too. But the WAN today has to connect all of these parts and pieces into an efficient network. That is where you, the telecom expert, come in.

  • Map it out for them (and to see the elements.
  • Design the WAN
  • Connect it all
  • Upsell!!!

Where is the Upsell?

  • Charge for the Network Design.
  • Sell them some Colocation or IAAS or Rackspace;
  • Connect it together with MPLS or Ethernet or a combo.
  • Talk about Business Continuity/disaster recovery planning.
  • Data Storage or backup in case of Ransonware.
  • Ask about Cyber-Security.
  • Start learning SD-WAN for fail-over, analytics, monitoring and security enhancement!.

Just asking the questions will put you in a different light. But asking the questions let's you see the whole picture, not just the Internet pipe at 2 locations. You can add value (and upsell) if you see the whole picture.

Hybrid Cloud has been around for a while. The concept is not complicated. And after you map it out, it isn't that complex. Make it simple. That is where the money is.

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