Your Commissions Were Cut

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Your Commissions Were Cut

This is a mix of a news + humor + rant + snark.

How are your commissions holding up? You know, on that legacy stuff you sold?

According to reports from agents, Sprint is cutting legacy commissions to 5%. Oh, and that is retroactive to when they were first thinking about it. They forgot to say something but what can you do. Things slip through the cracks over there at Sprint all the time. Like the fact that they have a fiber network, the famous pin drop one (1986). Or that Internet bandwidth prices have dropped since they last sold a Gigabit port.

Channel Partners is reporting that Windstream is cutting commissions on PAETEC circuits. Windstream has been all over the map recently. No more sales under $1250; price increases; MITEL-Avaya-Allworx-Broadsoft-somebody-buy-some-UC-please*. It has cost many partners a good chunk of business - and commissions, which are the revenue and life blood of agent.

One agent was describing how he lost commissions on a huge deal because the direct account team cut him out of the loop. This happens. You have to stay involved with the client.

I don't think you can be an agent for longer than 5 years and not take a beating on commissions somewhere along the line. It sucks but you can whine about it all day or get on with your life. Best advice I can give: live to the letter of your agent agreement. Outside of that, it is gray and subject to the whims of the carrier.

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