Mary Meeker's Internet Trends

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Mary Meeker's Internet Trends

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins puts out an annual report on Internet and Internet related trends. This year it is a 355 slide report. [You can download a pdf version here.] (Here is a 35 minute summary from Mary herself.)


Smartphone growth is slowing.

Global Internet use continues to grow at 10% year over year, with 3.4 billion people on the Internet as of 2016. [QZ]

Advertising is about visuals (pics/vid), measurement, mobile and engagement. UCG (user generated content) is back.

Growth in Internet population is slowing, but growth in online ads is accelerating.

Combined, Google and Facebook accounted for 85% of the total internet ad revenue growth between 2015 and 2016. [QZ]

Amazon Alexa and other voice assistant devices are disrupting Brands as well as text based search. That is going to effect advertising revenue on one hand. On the other hand, Alexa is pushing Amazon house brands over better known quantities in order to push up margins. And they are winning at it!

Customer Service is about real time customer conversations. The Holy Grail used to be single call resolution that was hampered by silos and technology. Today with AI, Cloud, omni-channel contact center, we are closer than ever to that goal.

Retail has some bright spots but requires strong community and specific target market (slide 58). Or Subscriptions. [Funny, I say the same thing about UC/Hosted VoIP!]

For Restaurants, Eating Out is now Eating in with restaurant delivery. Grocery shopping is also about personal and delivery. Do you see where this is trending?

I am skipping Gaming, China, india, except to say that Gaming is a skills school and the old time the phone is put away (as another tech toy has your attention).

88% of U.S. consumers use at least one digital health tool.

"The rise of fitness trackers and health apps are collecting more user data than ever, while hospitals are sharing more health care information with patients. The average hospital holds 50 petabytes of health care data, and the total amount of that data is growing by 48 percent a year, Meeker says." [venturebeat]

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