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I have been expirementing lately with a variety of social media tools and looking at their usefulness for the enterprise space. WIthout a doubt Social Media is having a major impact on enterprises today and this impact will only grow going forward. One tool in particular that is very intriguing to me is Twitter. Twitter has experienced explosive growth over the last 4-6 weeks (probably because I have started to use it..just kidding).  Why is twitter so popular? I believe the answer is twofold. Twitter is very easy to use and folks dont have to write long drawn out articles to get their thoughts or message out. In fact you only get 140 characters so it forces you to be very efficient in articulating your thoughts. The other reason (of course there are more than 2 reasons but simple is better in my book) is that a user can subscribe to only the content they want to follow.  Dont like what a partcular tweet you can unsubscribe. I  think the combination of these 2 attributes will make Twitter a success in the long term. We already see a great deal of innovation being built off of Twitter (  twibes, tweetbrain, or dashboard apps like tweetdeck) and clearly it offers yet another mechanism for people to network and collaborate although not in the traditional sense of the word. 

The social marketing aspect of Twitter may be one of the most powerful attributes as well. This weekend alone I noted at least 20 tweets on one product in the span of 12 hours. The idea of promoting a brand or product in this manner may seem strange but it is grounded in sound marketing principles I can assure you. You can build a great deal of buzz and interest in this manner and I am witnessing it firsthand every day.  In short I'm all a Twitter over Twitter..
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