Do We Need A Taxonomy for Unified Communications

As UC enters into a more mature phase in the market, it might seem too late for a Taxonomy that describes all of the various acronyms, vendor positioning, deployment scenarios, and peripheral components that define the overall market. From the many customer meetings I have attended as well as analyst/consultant interactions, I still believe its probably useful to undertake the exercise. Part of what is holding up mass adoption of Unified Communications is that it encompasses a vast array of terminology and technologies that are daunting to many customers. Beyond defining UC, it would be incredibly helpful to give customers a navigation tool that would in effect spell it out in plain terms. In addition it would give customers an understanding of the different approaches taken by the vendors in the market. Finally, I believe it would be helpful to shine a light on how all of the moving parts kind of fit together to deliver an enterprise overall value. Let me know your thoughts. If enough of you say "Yes" I know what I will be working on this summer.
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