SIP Trunking Seminars and Beyond

The February SIP Trunk Seminars were a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended. I am proud to say we had more people in attendance at the last Seminars than ever before.

If you missed any of our very informative sessions, please click to where you can download all of the presentations for free. Here is that link:

Thanks to all of our wonderful presenters. Every season our speakers present the very best content, offering new ideas and truly educating the audience on SIP, SIP trunking and all of the topics in between. And a special thanks to Mark Blomquist, who travelled all the way from Tucson, Arizona to tell the VoIP and SIP trunking success story at Kool Smiles. Thanks, Mark!

What's next? The buzz from ITEXPO is clearly driving conversations in two directions:

Carriers and SIP trunking - Carriers are seeing great business opportunities in SIP trunking and are eager for more information. In today's economy, that's only going to get more significant.

Unified Communications - SIP trunking is an easy stepping stone toward Unified Communications. SIP trunking is a service. However, to be able to use SIP trunking, one must first SIP-enable the network. Once SIP capabilities are in place, and SIP communications are possible, then the equipment is all there to start using other SIP communications, like presence or IM. Or video.

On a last note, I wanted to alert you to a new feature we are offering at Ingate. The Ingate Knowledge Base is a series of weekly, short emails that discuss the basics of SIP, including SIP trunking, security, NAT traversal etc. To be included on the mailing list please email Or feel free to browse the existing library here:

If you have any topics you'd like to see addressed, please email Sofia or reach out to me directly at

- Anders

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