The importance of networking

From a very young age, my father's advice to me was to go out and get involved. Join groups, attend events, meet people. As an educated immigrant who came to the United States with little money, he learned from starting his own company "If you want to be in business, you have to be in politics." That was the principal on which I based many of my decisions. From a very young age, I knew I wanted to own a business. But what did getting in to politics mean? My father's business is Civil Engineering and land development. Heavily regulated industries with lots of bureaucracy. In order to succeed, you had to not only have a firm grasp of the rules and regulations, the decision makers had to WANT you to succeed. If they didn't WANT you to succeed, there would be some roadblock that kept you from gaining the needed approval. So, I started to look around to see how other successful people had done it. I quickly found that the "self made" success was mostly a myth. People that were successful got help from someone. Help doesn't necessarily equal money. In this case, help can be something introduction, a nugget of wisdom, pointing out a land mine. So if it's that simple, why isn't everybody good at networking? I think there are several reasons which I'll review in next week's post.
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