Internet Being Repaired

Here is an update on the Middle East undersea cable cuts.

Internet services are reportedly back to normal after having capacity reduced by as much as 47% for some countries since December 19th, 2008 due to 3 undersea cables being cut in a total of 4 places.

  • Sea Me We 4 was repaired by France Télécom on December 25th. However, this cable broke again at a different location the same day, offshore of Alexandria, Egypt, and the repair team had to be dispatched to repair the new breach there.
  • The second breach on Sea Me We 4 was repaired yesterday January 5th
  • The second cable, FLAG, was fixed on December 31st
  • The third cable, Sea Me We 3, is reportedly going to be repaired today

When the undersea cables are cut all services are impacted - voice, data, Internet, video, broadcast TV, HD, whatever... Disaster planning is critical to maintain service in outages such as these - which seem to happen quite often.

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