There Goes Voice

When the broadband mobile data pipe can be used to carry skype/VoIP and it is supported by the mobile service provider it's all over for the traditional mobile voice minutes business.

O2 allows mobile VoIP use, launches new wholesale broadband offering

We have arrived.


Well, this has been going on, or at least people have been trying to make it work, for some time. This is a major annoucenment of a large mobile (traditionally voice) provider essentially giving the green light to let go of the voice business and focus on the data pipe.

It is now a massive flat rate, on-net game. A race to the data bottom. The mobile "phone" will die and the mobile data device will thrive. O2 will pressure T Mobile to lose the silly surcharge for VoIP. Others will follow. They will have no choice but to compete.

This is good news for the VoIP Peering Community as people around the world will better understand the technology and economics of VoIP and become more accepting of the reality of VoIP peering.

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