Raising Capital For Your VoIP Company

On Feb 9th, 2010 I participated on a panel titled "Raising Venture Capital in a Difficult Market" at an Atlanta Telecom Professionals event in Atlanta, GA. The panelists included Gordon Rogers of Atlanta Technology Angels and Alan Urech of Stoney River Capital.

The ATP always puts on great events and Atlanta is a terrific market for technology development and raising capital for ideas that turn in to products and successful businesses. The culture there is of a breeding ground for innovation. From Ron Hutchins, CTO at Georgia Tech to George Eichelberger, Director of Technical and Marketing Services at Norfolk Southern Railway to Paul Haddad VP & GM at Concurrent - there is a lot going on in every layer of the stack in Georgia!

In as much as VoIP Peering is real technical possibility and services by this name have been created and operated successfully and profitability for many years the incubation of new ideas, services, products, revenue, etc to be built on top of what has been done will most likely require capital to grow. 

If you are an entrepreneur with a company, or an idea and you need to raise capital, or build a plan, or both you can go just about anywhere to try and get it done. You probably will not have the same results as if you looked to where there are those ready and able to help though.

Atlanta Technology Angels is a good starting point if you are looking for people with experience in all aspects of early stage investment.

From their website

"ATA is not an investment fund, but rather, a network of investors who make individual investment decisions after working together to evaluate candidate companies. Investments are made through single-purpose LLCs made up of ATA members who wish to make an investment."

If you are already in Atlanta, or the area then you are that much closer to getting involved and getting to the next level of your business. If not, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport is one of the biggest in the world, so it's not that difficult to get there. What you need is the will, energy, and intellect to make it happen. If you've got all of that then let nothing stop you in your quest to improve VoIP communications - or any other type of communications innovation!!



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