XConnect Revenue Doubled in 2009

XConnect will announce tomorrow that their revenue doubled in 2009. This is great news and yet another positive sign that there is growth in VoIP Peering. Whether it is private peered traffic, or through a VoIP Peering service provider such as XConnect there is certainly a shift happening. The use of services such as XConnect obviously makes it easier to gauge the trend.

From the announcement:

"XConnect's growth last year - including a doubling of revenue and a surge in traffic - speaks directly to the next, essential phase of VoIP migration: interconnection among service providers. Such interconnection helped the PSTN attain its near-universal reach. Now inter-carrier interconnection is key to adoption of next-generation IP communications, which are enabling high-definition voice and other advanced services. As a catalyst for cross-network IP communications, XConnect is driving and benefiting from this trend."

Intercarrier interconnection is, has been and will continue to be a criticial issue and a great place to add value and build a solid, profitable business. This opportunity exists at not only the application layers, but also at transport and the physical layer as well. Non-carrier, enterprise networks will increaseingly see a need to interconnect on all layers as well and this will drive huge growth in the years to come.





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