Multi-lateral VoIP Peering in South Africa

If you did not believe multi-lateral VoIP Peering was real it is time to get real - even South Africa has a multi-lateral VoIP Peering platform! Thanks to XConnect and Multisource this developing market on a quickly developing continent now has a very useful tool to deal with the growth of VoIP and related applications.

From their announcement The IP-Peering Federation will:

"..establish a multilateral peering federation, which will offer operators advanced VoIP and next-generation network (NGN) peering capabilities via an in-country interconnection hub. The federation will provide a simple, cost-effective means for exchanging traffic within South Africa and globally."

Crossing the chasm of fixed, mobile and web 2.0 VoIP is tricky business. Emerging markets have more to do with this than a lot of places that carry legacy infrastructure due to the sheer size and dominance of the legacy systems. This includes supporting Skype VoIP and Video and the ability to bring other network users in to this environment over their Internet Access networks.

As the island of legacy networks continues to exist and the islands of wireless and web continue to be developed the need for an application bridge to connect these islands becomes greater.


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