Voxbone adds South Africa

There are so many amazing changes about to happen in Africa. The entire Continent is going to change in the next 3-5 years.

The network building activity is covered in the Dark Fiber Community blog. The subsea and terrestrial fiber networks being built all over Africa are bringing real positive change to the economies, health care, education and standard of living for the countries within the Continent.

A real sign of the times is Voxbone's addition of South Africa to their global DID service.

from the press release

"The South African market is one of the most advanced in Africa, and therefore one in which international businesses desire a local presence," said Voxbone CEO Rod Ullens. "We expect business customers to welcome the chance to create sales and service footholds in South Africa without opening new offices. And for existing Voxbone business and carrier customers, South African DIDs are just one more convenience in Voxbone's one-stop, online shop. Our self-service site will provision South African numbers, along with those of all 49 other countries, in real time."  

Ullens noted that the 50th-country addition is well timed with the FIFA World Cup events beginning June 11 in Johannesburg. Thousands of visitors may be dialing Voxbone's DIDs to access international calling services. 

This is a very meaningful advancement as it adds South Africa to the on-net world that is growing. It shows the way for many others to follow and drives the underlying need for and value of IP transport and the public Internet.

GO Rod! GO Voxbone!





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