Mobile Voice Revenue 2010 - Voice Peering Projections - 2011

The interest in Voice Peering and VoIP Peering seems to be increasing at quite a pace. There are many that look at "minutes" as revenue and others that look at "data" as revenue. Either way they are billed as flat-rate, incrementally, or the cap with overage charges. In both minutes of use and data plans the real money is made in breakage (un-used minutes/data, or the over charges.

In a recent study by Validas the essence of these dimensions were captured.

From their release "In a study of more than 20,000 current consumer wireless bills, Validas found that voice revenue continues to outpace data revenue by a ratio of 3.6 to 1. The study revealed that while more than 73% of U.S. wireless users subscribe to voice plans, only 25% subscribe to data plans. Data plans narrow the gap in the average revenue generated per line, where voice plans average $39.53 in charges per user versus data plans at $31.78."

Based on CTIA data, mobile penetration in the USA is at 91%. That's 285MM people as of December 2009.

Based on the sampling above the split between mobile voice revenue and mobile data revenue is  $11,266,050,000.00 - $9,057,300,000.00 across the USA. A combined $20B+ revenue/yr market.

This is as opposed to the total US wireline voice revenue of $301.5B as stated by the Telecommunications Industry Association

That is quite a difference!

The projection for voice lines being replaced by VoIP lines is a great sign for the growth in the need for TDM to IP conversion at some point in the network. This in its most rudimentary form is Voice Peering. In addition, the growth of mobile as a separate and distinct "cloud" will necessarily require an increasing amount of peering in to both the wireline TDM and IP voice networks. This all bodes quite well for Voice and VoIP Peering.
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